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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Dedalus Books is a British publishing house specializing in European literature and managed by Eric Lane. As stated on their website, Dedalus specializes in "its own distinctive genre, which we term distorted reality, where the bizarre, the unusual and the grotesque and the surreal meld in a kind of intellectual fiction which is very European."

Established on November 30 1983 with the publication of three novels (including Robert Irwin's The Arabian Nightmare), Dedalus publishes novels and anthologies, featuring both contemporary and historical European works. Dedalus publishes both translations and original English language works.

Dedalus is partially funded by the Arts Council of England.


Selected bibliography


  • The Angels of Perversity (1992), stories by Remy de Gourmont
  • The Dedalus Book of Dutch Fantasy (1994)
  • The Dedalus Book of Russian Decadence: Perversity, Despair and Collapse (2007) by Kirsten Lodge
  • The Dedalus Book of French Horror: the 19th Century (1988) by Terry Hale
  • The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy, 1890-2000 by Michael Mitchell
  • The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy: 19th Century (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by Brian Stableford
  • The Dedalus Book of Chinese Decadence, by Kate Viggers
  • The Dedalus Book of Decadence by Brian Stableford
  • The Dedalus Book Of English Decadence: Vile Emperors And Elegant Degenerates (Decadence from Dedalus) by James Willsher
  • The Dedalus Book of Estonian Literature by Jan Kaus
  • The Dedalus Book of Femmes Fatales by Brian Stableford
  • The Dedalus Book of Finnish Fantasy (Dedalus Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by Johanna Sinisalo
  • The Dedalus Book of Flemish Fantasy (Dedalus European Literary Fantasy Antholgies) by Eric Dickens
  • The Dedalus Book of German Decadence: Voices of the Abyss (Decadence from Dedalus) by Ray Furness
  • The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy (Dedalus Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by David Connolly
  • The Dedalus Book of Literary Suicides: Dead Letters by Gary Lachman
  • The Dedalus Book of Lithuanian Literature (Dedalus Anthologies) by Almantas Samalavicius
  • The Dedalus Book of Medieval Literature: The Grin of the Gargoyle by Brian Murdoch
  • The Dedalus Book of Polish Fantasy (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by Wiesiek Powaga
  • The Dedalus Book of Portuguese Fantasy (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by Eugénio Lisboa
  • The Dedalus Book of Roman Decadence: Emperors of Debauchery (Decadence from Dedalus) by Geoffrey Farrington
  • The Dedalus Book of Slovak Literature (Dedalus Anthologies) by Peter Karpinsky
  • The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy by Margaret Jull Costa
  • The Dedalus Book of Surrealism, I: The Identity of Things by Michael Richardson
  • The Dedalus Book of Surrealism, II: The Myth of the World by Michael Richardson
  • The Dedalus/Ariadne Book of Austrian Fantasy: The Meyrink Years 1890-1930 by Gustav Meyrink
  • The Second Dedalus Book of Decadence the Black Feast by Brian Stableford
  • Sexuality and Masquerade: The Dedalus Book of Sexual Ambiguity by Emma Wilson
  • Tales of the Wandering Jew: A Collection of Contemporary and Classic Stories (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies) by Brian Stableford



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