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Josef Feinhals (December 31, 1867 - May 1, 1947 ), aka Collofino, was a German cigar and cigarette maker, patron of the arts, and writer from Cologne. Under his pseudonym, he wrote Non Olet ("It does not stink"), an 1100-page scatological collection (1939). He was a good friend of Herman Hesse's and assisted Hesse in some of his projects. His pseudonym, Collofino, is Italian for "slender neck," an approximate translation of his real name, "Feinhals."


Patron of the arts

Feinhals is praised as an important supporter of the expressionist movement in the Rhineland, having contributed to the 1906 Art Exhibit in Cologne. His company also supported individual artists, such as his friend, the poet Johannes Theodor Kuhlemann (1891-1939), who had worked for eight years in Feinhals's "tobacco museum." Kuhlemann subsequently wrote a book on tobacco, Vom Tabak, which Feinhals published in 1936.

Feinhals and Hesse

Feinhals was a friend of Herman Hesse, who had stayed in his Marienburg villa in 1914. Hesse made a number of (sometimes oblique) references to him and the antiquarian anecdotes he had collected in Die Geschichten des Collofino, a book privately published in 1918. In Hesse's short story "Journey to the East," the character "Collofino der Rauchzauberer" ("Collofino the Smoke Magician") is based on Feinhals. In turn, Feinhals helped Hesse with translating German passages into Latin for Hesse's magnum opus, The Glass Bead Game,

Books authored

Die Geschichten des Collofino (1918) is a collection of anecdotes and observations. Privately published by the author and printed by Dumont Schauberg in Cologne, the book is very rare.

Non Olet was privately published in 1939 under the pseudonym Collofino.

Villa in Marienburg

Feinhals lived in a villa designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich, built 1908-1909, completed by Bruno Paul, and destroyed in World War II. Here he had a noteworthy collection of modern art on display.

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