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Colette Peignot (October 8 1903 - November 7 1938) was a French author who is best known by the pseudonym Laure, but also wrote under the name Claude Araxe. She was acquainted with Jean Bernier, Boris Souvarine, Michel Leiris and Georges Bataille.

She was profoundly affected by the deaths of her father, brothers and uncle during World War I. As a prominent member of Georges Bataille's secret society Acéphale, from 1934 onwards she had an intense and tormented affair with the author, whose Blue of Noon is based on events in their relationship. Indeed, she is known more as a biographical footnote; a volatile female personality amongst the inter war French avant-garde of literature and politics. Her works were published posthumously against the will of her brother, Charles Peignot, by his nephew, the poet Jérôme Peignot (who thought of Colette as a “diagonal mother”). She died of tuberculosis.

Romantic involvement with Bataille

“I believe in our life together . . . I believe in it the way I believe in everything that brought us together: in the most profound depths of your darkness and of mine. I revealed everything about myself to you. Now that it gives you pleasure to laugh at it, to soil it––this leaves me as far away from anger as it is possible to be. Scatter, spoil, destroy, throw to the dogs all that you want: you will never affect me again. I will never be where you think you find me, where you think you’ve finally caught me in a chokehold that makes you come. . . . As for me I am beyond words, I have seen too much, known too much, experienced too much for appearance to take on form. You can do anything you want, I will not be hurt.” Colette Peignot in a letter to Georges Bataille via Laure: The “True Whore” as Muse by Jason DeBoer


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