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"It's the beat, the beat, the beat that makes you want to rock." -- "Jazzy Rhythm", Michelle Wallace

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"The Beat Hotel was a small, run-down hotel at 9 Rue Git-le-Coeur in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It gained fame through the extended 'family' of beat writers and artists who stayed there from the late 1950s to the early 1960s in a ferment of creativity." --Sholem Stein

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From Middle English beten, from Old English bēatan (“to beat, pound, strike, lash, dash, thrust, hurt, injure”), from Proto-Germanic *bautaną (“to push, strike”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew- (“to hit, strike”) (compare Old Irish fo·botha (“he threatened”), Latin confutō (“I strike down”), fūstis (“stick, club”), Albanian bahe (“sling”), Lithuanian baudžiù, Old Armenian բութ (butʿ)).



  1. A pulsation or throb.
  2. A pulse on the beat level, the metric level at which pulses are heard as the basic unit. Thus a beat is the basic time unit of a piece.
  3. A rhythm.
  4. The interference between two tones of almost equal frequency
  5. A pause with the camera focused on one shot, often a characters face (often used in screenplays/teleplays).
  6. The route of a patrol by a guard or officer as in walk the beat.
  7. In newspapering, the primary focus of a reporter's stories (such as police/courts, education, city government, business, etc.).
  8. A small part of a dramatic play.

Beat or beats may refer to:

Common meanings

  • Strike (attack), repeatedly striking a person or object
  • Beat (police), the territory and time that a police officer patrols
  • Gay beat, an area frequented by men who have sex with men for the purpose of casual sex



  • Beat (acoustics), volume fluctuations due to interference between sounds of different frequencies
  • Beat (music), the basic time unit or pulse in a piece of music representing one moment in time, or a segment of rhythm or cadence
  • Beat music, a rock music genre that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s
  • Pulse (music), in music and music theory, beats in a (repeating) series of identical yet distinct periodic short-duration stimuli perceived as points in time occurring at the mensural level

Other uses in culture

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