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Alike for those who for Today prepare,
And those that after a Tomorrow stare,
A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries
"Fools! your Reward is neither Here nor There!"

--Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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Apocalypse Culture is a book edited by Adam Parfrey. It is a collection of texts showcasing a variety of examples of, and reactions to, eschatological madness, extreme perversion, "conspiracy theories", and aesthetic nihilism.

First published by Amok Press in 1987, an Expanded & Revised Edition was published by Feral House in 1990 as a paperback (ISBN 0-922915-05-9).

It features a cover painting by Joe Coleman.

Contents (to the Expanded & Revised Edition)

The book is divided into two sections. "Apocalypse Theologies" (which "surveys the thanatoxic symptoms") and "The Invisible War" (which "pieces together the psychopolitical consequences of the sub rosa convergences behind apocalypse culture"). It is dedicated to Aimee Semple McPherson and opens with a quote from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

Title Author Subjects
Latter-Day Lycanthropy: Battling for the Feral Soul of Man Adam Parfrey Lycanthropy
The Unrepentant Necrophile: An Interview with Karen Greenlee Jim Morton Necrophilia
Infernal Texts Selections from the works of Mel Lyman, Louis Wolfson, Dan Burros, Edmund Burke, Savitri Devi, Boyd Rice, John Whiteside Parsons, Robert de Grimston, and P.T. Barnum
Frank Talk from a Psychopath Adam Parfrey Aspiring Mass murderer
G.G. Allin: Portrait of the Enemy Adam Parfrey
Aesthetic Terrorism Adam Parfrey
Interview with Peter Sotos of Pure Paul Lemos Sadism
Schizophrenic Responses to a Mad World: Love, Lithium, and the Loot of Lima James Anubis Van Cleve Schizophrenia
Art in the Dark Thomas McEvilley Hermann Nitsch
Instructions for the Kali-Yuga Hakim Bey Kali
Surgeons and Gluttons in the House of Flesh: Notes on the Hidden Unity between the Additive and Subtractive Festishes Tim O'Neill
Cut it Off: A Case for Self-Castration Adam Parfrey
Body Play Fakir Musafar Body modification
Fakir Musafar Interview Kristine Ambrosia and Joseph Lanza
The Case Against Art John Zerzan
Man a Machine David Paul
Let's Do Justice for our Comrade P-38 Red Brigades
Long Live Death! The Abraxas Foundation Quotations from Heraclitus, Jonathan Swift, Charles IX, Owen, Chidiock Tichborne, Yukio Mishima, Feodor Dostoevsky, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Sigmund Freud, Robert Jay Mathews, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, Vladimir Bukovsky, Richard Wagner, Jack London, the Richard Strauss opera Elektra, Ragnar Redbeard, Walt Whitman, and P. Luftig
The Muslim Program Elijah Muhammad from The Fall of America
Mel Lyman: God's Own Story John Aes-Nihil Mel Lyman
The Process: A Personal Reminiscence R. N. Taylor Process Church of the Final Judgement, Robert de Grimston
Sorcerer of Apocalypse: An Introduction to John Whiteside Parsons Michael Staley
The Invisible War Anton Szandor LaVey Weather control, Black noise, White noise, Microwave Radiation
The Cereal Box Conspiracy Against the Developing Mind Michelle Handelman and Monte Cazazza
Society for the Eradication of Television Fact Sheet
From the Mark of the Beast to the Black Messiah Phenomenon: The Chronicles of Ron J. Steele, Investigative Reporter & Prophetic Author Adam Parfrey Big Brother, false messiahs and Michael Jackson as a possible Black Messiah
Satori & Pornography: Canonization through Degradation Christian Shapiro
Eugenics: The Orphaned Science Adam Parfrey Quotations from Numbers, Plato, Thomas Malthus, Count Arthur de Gobineau, Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, Herbert Spencer, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Havelock Ellis, Madison Grant, Paul Popenoe & Roswell Hill Johnson, H.A. Schultz, Albert Edward Wiggam, Adolf Hitler, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Bertrand Russel, Rudolf Frerks, Lothrop Stoddard, A.F. Tregold, Aldous Huxley, Paul Ehrlich, Edward O. Wilson, Arthur Jensen, and The New York Times
How to Kill: Are Afrikan People Subjects of a Genocidal Plot? Harry Allen Interview with Jack White and Asiba Tupahache
Agriculture: Demon Engine of Civilization John Zerzan
Nature as Slave: Satanic Technology and the West Oswald Spengler, Jim Brandon Selections from Brandon's The Rebirth of Pan and Spengler's Man and Technics and Twilight of the Evening Lands
Every Science is a Mutilated Octopus Charles Fort Quotations collected by Joseph Lanz and Michael A. Hoffman II
From Orgasm to UFOs: Wilhelm Reich's Contact With Space Adam Parfrey Orgone
The Cosmic Pulse of Life Trevor James Constable Wilhelm Reich
Who Rules Over Earth?: The Archetype of the World Ruler and the Work of Universal Regeneration Tim O'Neill
The Christian Right, Zionism, and the Coming of the Penteholocaust Gregory Krupey Rev. Jerry Falwell, Rev. James Robison, Ronald Reagan, Hal Lindsey, Judgement Day, End times, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Rabbi Moshe Levinger, the Temple Mount, Jesse Helms, the Jerusalem Temple Foundation,
A History of Vengeance and Assssination in Secret Societies Tim O'Neill Freemasonry, Illuminati, Hassan-i-Sabah, the Knights Templar,
The Call to Chaos: From Adam to Atom By Way of the Jornada del Muerto James Shelby Downard Alchemy, Adam Kadmon, Synergism,
Meditations on the Atom and Time: An Attempt to Define the Imagery of War and Death in the Late Twentieth Century Dennis Stillings Nuclear War, the Atomic Bomb, Gnosticism, The Apocatastsis

Apocalypse Culture was awarded Best Nonfiction Work of the Year by Readercon in 1987.

A sequel to it, titled Apocalypse Culture II, was published in 2000 (ISBN 0-922915-57-1).

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