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Of some Etchings and Drawings, amatory or obscene, by Thomas Rowlandson are a set of descriptions of a list of etchings by Thomas Rowlandson by Henry Spencer Ashbee published in the second volume of Ashbee's Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Most of these prints have been reproduced and in two book-length collections, Gert Schiff's The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson (1969) and Kurt von Meier's The Forbidden Erotica of Thomas Rowlandson (1970), neither of which provides bibliographical data and background information.

In a previous volume of that same book, Ashbee said of Rowlandson:

"Thomas Rowlandson has certainly produced a great number of obscene drawings and etchings, generally in his best manner; there are some excellent mezzotints by John Raphael Smith; some others, designed (probably) by George Morland, and executed by his brother-in-law William Ward, might be mentioned; and although a few indecent engravings by Hogarth, and at least one set of illustrations to " Fanny Hill " by one perhaps equally great with him, and still living, exist : yet here we must also give the palm to foreigners, and own that England has produced no artists equal to Giulio Romano, Augusto and Annibale Caracci, Fragonard, Boucher, Binet, Elvin, Borel, Denon, Félicien Rops, and a host of others who might be mentioned, some of whose happiest efforts and most beautiful work will be found in their lewdest compositions." --Pisanus Fraxi


Begin text

1. A Music master toning his instrument

An interior, A. young man is reclining on his back upon an old fashioned harpsichord, with two thick books supporting his head. One girl, naked with the exception of her shift which is rolled up round her waist, straddles across him ; they are in the act ; whilst another girl, standing at the end of the harpsichord, is tickling the man's testicles with her right hand, and performing a kindly office for herself with her left. The drawing is good, and the attitudes quite possible ; the posteriors of the girl, who is mounted on the man, are very attractive, p.i.

have added the letter P. Twenty of them are mentioned (in nearly every case incorrectly) in the lamogra$rt>te fceá <£átampe$ à Jfrujîtg ©alatttá, p. 658, these I have indicated by an I. The ten etchings forming the vol. $3 r etti) Ütitle <©attua, noticed at p. 346, ante, I do not repeat. The measurement is invariably given height by width. The original drawings of thirty of the etchings are in the possession of Mr. H***** of Paris, to these I have appended the letter H. I do not include any caricatures purely satirical cr political, these are now being catalogued by the authorities of the British Museum. I have nevertheless noted a few which are free or indecent, and of many of which specimens are preserved in the British Museum : those in the print room I have indicated by BMP ; others in the library, contained in bound up vols., I have designated by the letters BML·

2. Tally I O the Grinder

Size 6£ by 4| inches. Exterior of an inn with sign of "Cock and Bottle." An old man is holding a knife on a grindstone, his member in a state of erection. One girl is turning the handle of the grindstone, and another, standing above it, is pissing upon it ; both girls are almost entirely naked, their figures are plump and fresh, and their faces pretty. To the right, a man is seated on a bench in the act with a wench astraddle across his legs. From two windows of the inn peep out an old woman, and an old man evidently having connection with a chubby wench behind whom he stands. The whole composition is full of movement ; the drawing is correct, and altogether it is a very good speci- men of Rowlandson's art. p.i.

There is a reproduction of this plate ; the size is the same, and the figures are not turned ; it is, however, not so bold and free in execution as the original, is much softened down, and carried out in great part in stipple, which is not the case in the plate-etched by Rowlandson ; moreover, the hair and faces of the girls differ.

3. The Star Gazer

, " I have known many a Man to have been made a Cuckold of in the twinkling of a Star." Size S\ by 7f inches. An interior ; the walls arched, and the floor strewed with books and two globes ; with a dog in the fore- ground. An old man, in dressing gown and slippers, with open mouth, is gazing through a telescope ; while, in an adjoining room, of which the doors are half open, a couple are in the act upon a bed. The moon-light pouring in through the window at which the old man sits is well managed. p,i.

4. Carnival at Venice

A street. There are numerous figures, the central one of which is a naked girl standing on hands and feet backwards in a hoop. Another naked girl is collecting money from the spectators ; and a man is playing a barrel-organ. The spectators are strongly caricatured, and have their members exposed. At three windows overlooking the street, libidinous scenes are being enacted ; and at the corner of the street, a quack is administering a clyster to a woman kneeling on a platform. The composition is very clever and satirical, and is a good specimen of Rowlandson's talent, p.i.h.

5. A Dutch Sergiio (sic)

. Size 61 by $k inches. Interior of a hovel. Two couples in the act : the one seated on a low chair, the other upon a bed in an alcove, the woman on her knees above the man who is on his back. Both couples are almost naked, that in the foreground on the chair are drinking at the same time. A dog and cat are playing on the floor. The drawing is not very good, nor is the subject a pleasing one. p.i.

6. Lady Hamilton's Attitudes

6. Lady #***#**#. Attitudes* Title in the design.

Lady Hamilton*s Attitudes, which were much talked of at that time, have been embodied in a pleasant drawing-room volume containing 24 engravings 9f by 6| inches. Interior of a studio. An old man holds back a curtain, and points to a naked girl, who stands upright, and is posing to a youth seated on a low chair, with an easel before him ; he draws with one hand and holds an eye glass up to his eye with the other. To the right, in the background, are two figures upstanding and embracing each other, and in the left hand fore corner, on the ground, are two heads placed as if they were kissing. The composition is spirited, and the drawing, especially of the naked woman, good. p.i.

in outline with 2 engraved title pages: üraíüíngg dfaitfyfutlg Copiiti {rom fattive at flapleá, fcfc. By Frederick Rehberg. Historical Painter in his Prussian Majesty's Service at Rome mdccxciv. In a journal kept during a visit to Germany, in 1800, Mrs. Colonel St. George thus describes Lady Hamilton and her performance : " Her figure is colossal, but excepting her feet, well shaped. Her bones are large, and she is exceedingly embonpoint. She resembles the bust of Ariadne j the shape of all her features is fine, as is the form of her head, and particularly her ears ; her teeth are a little irregular, but tolerably white j her eyes light blue, with a brown spot in one, which though a defect, takes nothing away from her beauty and expression. Her eyebrows and hair are dark, and her complexion coarse. Her expression is strongly marked, variable, and interesting j her movements in common life ungraceful -, her voice loud, yet not disagreeable.1* * *

" Breakfasted with Lady Hamilton, and saw her represent in succession the best statues and paintings extant. She assumes their attitude, expression, and drapery with great facility, swiftness, and accuracy. Several Indian shawls, a chair, some antique vases, a wreath of roses, a tambourine, and a few children are her whole apparatus. She stands at one end of the room, with a strong light on her left, and every other window closed. Her hair is short, dressed like an antique, and her gown a simple calico chemise, very easy, with loose sleeves to the wrist. She disposes the shawls so as to form Grecian, Turkish, and other drapery, as well as a variety of turbans. Her arrangement of the turbans is absolutely sleight-of-hand ; she does it so quickly, so easily, and so well. It is a beautiful performance, amusing to the most ignorant, and highly interesting to the lovers of art. The chief of her imitations are from the antique. Each representation lasts about ten minutes. It is remarkable that, though coarse and ungraceful in common life, she becomes highly graceful, and even beautiful, during this performance." Ctjac&eragJfttta, pp. in and ι Γ2. In his ivcmtmactncee!, vol. 2, p. 242, Angelo writes : "It has been said she stood at the Royal Academy as the figure in the Life Room," which has a still nearer reference to the sketch of Rowlandson.

7. French Dancers at a Morning Rehearsal

. Size 5J by 8 inches. Interior of a kind of barn. Seven figures ; a girl, holding out her shift, her only garment, her breasts as well as all the lower part of the body bare, with two feathers in her hair, is dancing with an old man who is playing on a fiddle, his member exposed and erect ; to the left another man, playing the fiddle, is having connection with a girl kneeling before him ; to the right, a naked girl stands at a tub washing ; in the centre background, a man is sitting on a chamber pot, and a girl is beating a tambourine. The dancing girl is fairly drawn and finished, but the man dancing with her is faulty in outline and somewhat caricatured ; the other figures are quite medi- ocre. F.I.H.

8. The Rival Knights or the Englishman in Paris

. Size 6 by yi inches. Interior. A girl, with a large feather in her head, her shift tucked up round her waist, kneels on a bed between two old men with their breeches down—one very fat, the other slight and small,—she holds the member of each in her hands, and appears to be drawing them to her ; the men, with clenched fists, are making pugnacious demonstrations behind her back. On the mantle-piece, right, are a bottle, and a monkey, with member erect, playing the fiddle. The draw- ing and finish are good, especially of the girl's posteriors—a favourite part with Rowlandson,—and the composition has much life in it. p.i.

9. No title

9. No title, but with following subscription :

Quest. When an Old Man Marries a young Woman what is he

to expect ? Ans. Why to be made a Cuckold of.

Size 6^ by 5$ inches. Interior. A very fat, gouty old man sits before the fire, writhing with pain, while a young couple are in the act in the adjoining room, of which the door is open ; an old woman enters by a door at the further end of the back room, and seems much surprised. There is a cat in the immediate foreground. The drawing and finish are pretty good. p.r.

10. A Scene in the Farce called the Citizen

. Size 6^ by 5J inches. Interior. A young man with his breeches down sits upon a table, and holds a girl across, and facing him ; her feet are upon the same table ; with his right hand he clasps her rump» and with his left holds up her clothes above her waist ; both have hats on. An old man peeps out from beneath the table, his fists are clenched, and his face expresses great anger.

Both drawing and engraving are good. The girl's position is difficult, but her body is plump and enticing, p.i.

11. Out Posts of a Camp

, Size 6f by ¡^ inches. Exterior. A soldier standing upright, his pigtail sticking out, and his breeches about his knees, is enjoying a plump good looking girl seated on a drum underneath a tree. Another soldier at some little distance, seated on the ground, is examining the secret charms of a lass extended before him. In the distance are tents ; the perspective is faulty, p.i.h.

12. A Finishing Stroke

  • Size 6 by 7J inches. In a well

decorated room, a young couple are in the act on a couch ; two old men enter by a half opened door, one peeping through the key hole, the other pointing a blunderbuss at the unsuspecting young people. Although the drawing of the young man is very incorrect, great force and energy are brought out ; the woman's posteriors, as is usual with Rowlandson, are most voluptuous, ρ.γ.η.

13. A Family on a Journey Laying the Dust

. Size 6 by 8-J inches. Exterior. Four figures, with a dog, and a horse in an old fashioned chaise, are all making water ; the man is erect in the chaise, the three women, in different attitudes, are all naked up to the waist. The composition is most original and quaint, p.i.h.

14. Joiiy Gipsies

. Size 5f by 7^ inches. Exterior. A young man and woman, quite naked, are in the act upon the

ground under a tree ; other gipsies a little distance off are dis- porting themselves ; there is a pot suspended on three sticks over a fire. To the right are two dogs copulating ; and to the left are two asses ; the animals, as is usual with Rowlandson, are vilely drawn ; the central couple display much vigour, i.h.

15. Inquest of Matrons or Trial for a Rape

Interior. The design is divided: to the right a woman, almost naked, is stretched on her back upon a bed, while four old crones are examining her ; the left shows us the court with the judge on the bench, the prisoner before him, lawyers, and others in their places ; an old man of repulsive ugliness is peeping through the door at the examination of the woman. The drawing is not good, and the etching is very rough, but the composition is original and striking.

16. The Rookery.

Exterior. On a seat in the porch of a rural dwelling, a couple are in the act seated facing each other ; their countenances are expressive of great delight. A girl is watching them and frigging herself with her right hand, while with her left she holds the trunk of the tree underneath which she stands ; the breasts and lower part of the persons of both women are bare. A fat old man sits at a window of the house smoking a pipe, and is looking at a bird in a wicker cage suspended outside. In the fore ground left, a cock is treading a hen ; the foliage of the tree nearly covers the house. This is a pretty composition, ably drawn and finished ; the tale is well told, and the figures display much life and movement ; the girl looking on is very pretty, and her young person is thorougly attractive.

17. Meditations among the Tombs


A church-yard. A fat parson is reading the burial service over a grave surrounded by several mourners ; while to the left, against a window of the church, a countryman and a lass are copulating in an upright posture ; the girl's clothes are up above her posterior, which is very plump, and into which the swain is inserting the middle finger of his right hand. The drawing and general composition are good ; the tombstones are ornamented with phalli, and have the following inscriptions:

Life is a jest, and all things show it,
I thought so once, and now I know it. --John Gay
Here lies intombed beneath these bricks
The scabbard of ten thousand Pricks.
To the Memory of Roger Pego. I. H.

18. Les Lunettes from les Contes de La Fontaine

Les Lunettes

Interior of a convent. An old nun is seated in an arm chair, surrounded by ten nuns in various attitudes, and generally naked up to the middle -, she has her hands upon the hips of a young man dressed like a nun, whose erect penis is sticking almost into the old woman's eye. Drawing and execution rough, but effective.

19. Such Things are or a peep into Kensington Gardens

Such Things are or a peep into Kensington Gardens

Size about 6 by 9^ inches. A garden. This is a most re- markable and Original composition. Various figures of the most grotesque character, some with enormous members, two representing Phalli themselves, are embracing each other with the utmost lasciviousness ; one young woman is running away in a fright; on a bench to the left are two partially erect Phalli ; the back ground is filled in with trees. This composi- tion displays much force, power and weird humour. 1.

20. Lord Barr—res* Great Bottle Club


. With the following couplet :

With Women and Wine I defy every care
For Life without these is a volume of care."

Interior. Six couples, around a table, are disporting themselves in the lewdest manner, and in various attitudes ; all the women are naked up to the waist ; one girl, with her clothes tucked over one arm, is dancing on the table, a punch-bowl in her hand. Drunkenness and debauchery run riot throughout the composition, which is full of movement. The drawing is not bad, but is scarcely more than in out- line.

  • The Barrymores consisted of three brothers and a sister, nick-named severally, on account of their peculiarities, Hell-gate» Cripple-gate, New-gate and Billins-gate. See Richardson's aiU«iïï«£ttûna, vol. 2, p. 127 ; Gronow's Sfoertoteji, p. 257 i Angelos 3Stimínístf meest, vol. ι, p. 287» vol. 2, pp. 78, 94, 135» 411 j and his |ltc Jitc, p. 182.

21. ------

. Size about 8J by 6f inches. Exterior of a

cottage ; to the right and left of which are two couples in the act ; an old woman with a broom is beating two dogs stuck together, while another woman from the window is endeavour- ing to drive away two cats who are amusing themselves on the roof. The drawing is poor, and the engraving rough, the animals, as usual, are very badly done. p.h.

22. ------

. Size 8J by 6. Exterior. Four musicians, one

a black man, are playing ; the stiff members of three of them are bare. Another, entirely clothed, and seated on a drum, is playing the flute, with a naked girl sitting on his lap, and play- ing the tambourine. A very fat female child, quite naked (to the right) is striking the triangle. The naked girl, the central figure, is well drawn, her face is pleasing, and has a good deal of expression ; her arms, hips, and legs are of the most volup- tuous proportions. This is a strange and original compo- sition, p.

23. ------.

A harlequin and columbine are lying together asleep on a couch, the girl's hinder parts, of most voluptuous proportions, are entirely bare, her right leg thrown over her companion, while his member, in a flaccid state, is reposing on her left thigh ; a pierrot is discovering them. In the left hand fore corner is a vase, with phallic designs, p.h.

24. ------

, Size 8J by 7 inches. In an open street, upon a platform surrounded by many figures, are a stout man, balanc- ing on his enormous, erect member a kind of vase, and a girl, naked up to the waist, holding out her petticoats to catch the money thrown to her from the windows ; a small devil playing a tambourine, and with a trumpet in his anus dances behind the man and woman on the platform. This is a most remark- able conception, very extravagant, but full of life, p.

25. ------

, Size 7J by 9 inches, in a f-inch frame. Interior.

A Turk, seated on a carpet, a pipe in his left hand, and his stiff member peeping out from his robes, is gazing at a vast number of naked women standing in two rows, one above the other, before him. The conception is not happy, and the execution is rough, p.h.

26. ------

. Size 7 by 5 inches. A young man, whose legs

do not indicate very great muscular power, is carrying a girl in his arms across a brook, while at the same time he is having connection with her; the girl's legs, posteriors, and bosom are bare ; and the youth's member is very strongly developed. An ugly dog follows with a stick and bundle in his mouth. .The back ground is filled in with trees. The girl is prettily drawn, but the proportions of the man are incorrect, p.

27. Lavarro (sic) Deluso

Title upon book in the foreground. An old and repulsively ugly miser is sitting beside a box filled with bags of money ; one girl at his side is handling his member ; while a second girl, seated on a bed before him, is exposing herself to his view; both the females are almost entirely naked. The drawing is unequal, and the execution rough, p.h.

28. —.

Interior of a convent. A monk, naked, with the exception of a skull cap, is on his knees, and is copulating with a nun who is kneeling before him with her posteriors bare5 and from whom he is separated by a railing ; a second nun, entirely dressed, is supporting her companion ; the monk turns towards the right. In the back ground is an altar with crucifix and two cups. The drawing is good, and very bold and effective ; the etching is rough but well done ; and the whole composition is most striking. The plate is inscribed: "Etchd & Pubd by Fuck a Pace Jack."

There is an imitation of this plate. It is executed chiefly in stipple and aquatint, is much softened, and reversed ; the monk's head is turned round, away from the nuns, and is without the skull cap. The force and effect of the original are much diminished.

29. Rural Sports or Coney Hunting

In a field surrounded by trees, three girls, two standing and one reclining on a bank, are exposing themselves to an old man seated on a stile, with a stick between his legs, and in wig and three cornered hat; a younger man stands behind him, and points to the women. A large tree rises to the left, the branches of which spread over three parts of the picture. This is an agreeable composition, well drawn and etched ; all five figures are full of life.

30. ------

. Size 7J by 8 inches, in a frame £ inch. A couple,

almost naked, upon a couch, are surprised by a spectre in armour, who brandishes an axe over them; great horror is depicted upon the faces of the guilty pair. The apartment is that of an ancient castle ; and to the left is an equestrian statue in armour. The drawing is not always quite correct, and the execution is rough ; but there is much vigour in the figures on the couch, particularly in that of the woman, p.h.

31 ------

. Size 7J by 6 inches, in a f inch frame. Interior.

A woman is kneeling on a low bed, while an old man, entirely dressed, and with a bag wig and hat on, is examining her through his spectacles ; with his right hand he holds up her shift above her navel ; the woman has on a night cap and slippers, p.h.

This composition has been imitated in an engraving, 6 by 8i inches, partly line and partly stipple, badly executed, with title in the left hand corner The Connoisseur.

32. ------.

Size 8J by 6 inches. Interior of a cloister or

church. A youth, dressed^ and in a student's square hat, is seated before a pretty country girl, who holds her clothes up to her middle ; he is touching her pudendum with the fore finger of his left hand. p.h.

33 ------.

Interior. A pretty woman, in an upright posture, her left leg kneeling on a bench covered with a robe, holds in her right hand that of a little boy who is standing behind her. To the left are a girl, and a statue of Priapus without arms, to the right one of Silenus. p.

34.. ------.

Size 8^ by 6J- inches. Interior. A pretty,

plump girl, seated in an antique arm chair, her legs stretched wide apart, is holding her clothes up above her navel, her breasts are also bare. In the foreground are a figure seated on a pedestal, a bust of a female, and a dildo ; in the background, to the right, are several erect statues. Design and execution good. p.H.

35. Fantocinnu

Title in the design. Interior. A man, in a pointed hat and pigtail, is reclining backwards upon a square barrelorgan, and having connection with a woman who is straddling across him, her posteriors towards his face, while she looks into a puppet-show ; he holds a trumpet to her anus. Another girl, behind, is beating a tambourine; and to the right is a monkey. This is a most strange and original composition, p.h.

36. ------.

Size 8 by 6J inches, in a ¡f inch frame. Interior.

A girl, with her legs very wide apart, her pudendum thoroughly exposed and quite open, is sitting on a raised bank or bench, her right arm is bent over her head, and with her left hand, stretched out, she holds up her shift. Ten men, of whom the wig-covered heads only are visible, are gazing at her. The drawing of the girFs right arm is very faulty, p.h.

37. ------.

Interior. A chubby, laughing girl is kneeling on a bed, her posteriors entirely exposed, while two old men, fully dressed, are staring in amazement at the beauties exposed to their view. [2]

38. ------.

Size 9f by 6\ inches, in a \ inch frame. Ex- terior. A. girl, in a pointed cap, with nothing else on but slippers and a shift roiled up under her breasts, and her legs spread wide apart, is swinging ; while four curiously dressed musicians, standing underneath, are playing various instru- ments, and gazing at her. This composition is most eccentric and original, p.

39. ------

Size 8f by 6f inches, in a 1 inch frame. An old

man and a girl are swinging in separate swings ; the girFs legs, hips and breasts are exposed, and in her head are two large feathers ; the old man is very ugly, wears a cocked hat, pigtail, spectacles, and top boots with spurs ; his breeches are at his knees, and his belly and member exposed. In the distance is a river with two sailing boats, &c. p.h.

40, ------

size 7 by 8f inches. Interior of a cloister. A

young nun, naked to the waist, with her right leg drawn up and passed over her left, is lying on her back on a bed; with her right hand she is touching herself, while in her left she holds an enormous dildo. An old man is entering at the cell door. p.H.

41 ------

  1. Size 7 by 9^ inches, in 5 line frame. Interior. A

girl, with her clothes rolled up round her middle, her breasts naked, and her legs thrown wide apart, reclines on an elegant couch ; while six old men, whose heads only appear, stand at the foot of the couch, and examine her. To the right, on the floor, is a handsome vase filled with dildoes, and an open book lies beside the couch, p.h.

42. ------.

Size 6 by η\ inches. Interior. An ugly man,

smoking a long pipe, a bottle in his left, and a glass in his right hand, is having connection with a plump and pretty girl, who straddles across his legs with her posteriors turned towards him ; she is naked, with exception of her shift which is tucked up round her middle, and she wears a wide brimmed hat and ringlets. The top of the design is filled in with curtains ; and in the foreground are a coffee pot and a plate of fruit, p.h.

43* ------

  • Size 7f by ¡^ inches, in a f inch frame. In-

terior of a stable. A huntsman leans against the manger, and copulates with a ñno woman whose left leg he supports with his right hand, while he presses her right leg, of which the foot touches the ground, between his knees ; her arms are round his neck. The position appears to be a very difficult one. There are a horse and two dogs, very badly drawn, p.

44, ------.

Size 8 by 5f inches· Interior of a very eieg- antly furnished apartment, with statues and a large antique vase. A young man reclines on a couch, his feet on the ground ; a girl bends over him, her right foot on the ground, and her left on the couch, and with her right hand guides his erect member to its goal ; they are both entirely naked. The drawing is spirited, and the composition pleasing, and in the style of the Italian masters, p.

45. Empress of Russia reviewing her Body Guards

. Size 7f and 8 y* inches, in a f in. frame. Exterior. A very fat, middle aged woman is leaning against a cannon, her clothes are up above her waist, and a hussar, pipe in mouth, is enjoy- ing her. Several other hussars, their members exposed, stand or sit around, p.h.

46. ------.

Size 6 ~¿ by 8 j-6 inches, in a [{ inch frame. In- terior. An old man, in wig and spectacles, with one knee on the ground, administers a clyster to a woman, seated on a bed, with her clothes above her middle, and her legs stretched wide asunder ; the doctor inserts his syringe in the wrong hole ; on the woman's countenance is well depicted the horror she feels at his mistake. To the left, three women sit round a table ; to the right, are a chamber pot, a night stool, &c. ; and behind the doctor is a box labelled " Medicine Chest." p.h.

47. ------

, Size 6 by 8J inches, in a f inch frame. On the

sea shore. Two couples are copulating in a boat, which is partly on shore and partly in the water ; one of the girls, whose legs, hips, and breasts are bare, rests on the extreme edge of the boat, while the youth, who is enjoying her, appears to be pushing the boat off by the force he is using in having con- nection with her. To the left, a fat woman, her clothes up above her middle, screams for aid· There is much vigour in the composition, p.h.

48. ------

  1. size 8f by 6f inches. Interior of a cellar. An

old man, in a wig, with his breeches about his knees, is having connection with a young girl against three barrels, on the last of which is a pail ; her legs, hips, and breasts are bare. A jug stands under the first barrel, and the liquor is running over ; to the left is a flight of stairs. The drawing is good, and the composition pleasing.

There is an imitation of this composition* turned, and etched rather faintly in line ; the stairs are suppressed, and the pail standing on the last cask is replaced by a hat.

49. Essay on Quakerism

. Title in the design upon an open book. Size 7 by 8J inches. Interior of a well furnished bed- room. A quaker, holding up his shirt with both hands, and his breeches about his knees, stands on tip toes in the middle of the room ; one girl, with a large feather in her hair, sits on a bed, with her legs wide apart, and exposes her charms to his astonished gaze ; a second girl, reclining on the same bed, handles his enormous member, and a third female, on another couch behind, pushes him forward with her left foot, which she has planted between his shoulders. The three women are naked, with exception of their shifts,ι which are, as usual, rolled round their waists. The composition is humourous and lascivious, but the perspective is not correct, h.

50 ------

A gouty old man, with spectacles on nose, reclines in a low arm chair, plays the fiddle, and copulates with a girl who stands across him with her back, on which she holds an open music book, turned towards him, her legs and posteriors are bare, and the man's member is visible. A second girl, naked up to a waist, is playing a violoncello ; and a third girl, quite naked is beating a tambourine. All four figures are singing. To the right, leaning against the wall, is a violoncello-case, and to the left, on the floor, are a plate of fruit, a wine glass, and a bottle labelled "Rumbo." The drawing is fairly correct, and the composition, in spite of its extravagance, is agreeable·

51. The Merry Traveller and kind Chambermaid

» Size about SÌ by 7f inches. Interior of a bedroom. A pretty servant- girl, on her knees, is inserting a warming pan into a bed, while a young officer kneels behind her, and enjoys her; with his right hand he holds the girl's clothes above her posteriors, which are entirely exposed, and with his left he raises his own shirt. A lighted candle is on the ground. This is a very pretty engraving, well drawn and finished ; the girl's hinder parts are most voluptuous in form, and her pretty face displays the satisfaction she feels at what is being done to her. i.

52. Cunnyseurs


Interior of a cottage. A girl, stark naked on a bed, standing almost on her head, with her posteriors up in the air, is being examined by three old men, who stand round her with their faces close to her fundament ; they are dressed, but the members of two of them are exposed ; the faces of two display great delight, while that of the third indicates disgust. A fourth old man peeps in through a half-opened door. The girl's face is pretty, and she is smiling. This is a remarkable composition, and very original in conception ; the posture in which the woman is represented is difficult but not impossible.

E/N: the plate is also known as Susanna and the elders

53· ------·

Size 7§ by 9^ inches, in a frame of i£ inch.

Interior of a public-house. A youth, lying flat on his back on a bench, copulates with a girl who straddles across him ; she is dresssd in a hat and feather, and waves with her right hand a handkerchief to a ship, visible through the open window ; her clothes are rolled up above her waist, ut semper, and her pos- teriors and breasts are bare. In the background another couple are in the act. A magpie in a cage hangs on the wall, and a very badly drawn bulldog lies on the floor. There is much spirit in this composition, which is very pleasing, and the drawing of the figures is good.

54 ------#

Size 6f by 8J inches, in a f-inch frame. Interior. A youth and a lass are asleep on a sofa, their heads in opposite directions, but their private parts, which are entirely exposed, together ; the girl's right leg is over the young man's shoulder. An old man, rage depicted on his face, is about to stab the youth with a dagger, which he brandishes in his right hand, while, in his left, he holds a lighted candle. A woman is entering at the door, which he has left open behind him. On the floor, in the front, are the youth's clothes. There is much spirit in the composition, and the story is well told,

55 ------#

A garden. A man, on a ladder, trims a tree in the form of a phallus ; two women below are watching him, and touching themselves: the one standing up and holding á parasol over her shoulders, the other seated on the ground ; both are naked up to the middle ; the gardner's breeches are split behind, and his posteriors and member are visible. Further down the garden, a couple, on a bench, are vigorously in the act. There are two tubs, out of each of which grows a phallus ; and to the right, is a male statue. This is a most strange and original conception ; both drawing and finish are good.

56. ------

Size about 3 by 4 inches. In a field, a soldier,

sitting on the ground, and supporting himself on his left elbow, is having connection with a country wench who is astride across him, her buttocks fully exposed, and turned towards his face, and her clothes up above her middle ; they are behind a mound, or hay rick, round which a countryman, with a pitch- fork in his hand, comes and surprises them. This is a pretty little etching, perspective good, and composition pleasing.

57. ------

Interior. A naked

youth, erect, is having connection with a girl thrown back on a bed ; she is nude, with exception of her shift, which is rolled up under her bare breasts, her left leg is resting on the man's shoulder, and her right arm turned behind her own head. Fire- place to the left. The drawing is good, and the man's figure displays much power. A very agreeable composition.

58. ------

Interior. A man and

woman, seated on a chair, are playing the same harp together ; she is seated on his lap, the lower part of her person entirely naked, two feathers in her head ; they are copulating. To the left, behind a screen, sits an old woman asleep before the fire with a bottle and glass under her chair. To the right, a window with a small table and a chair before it. On the floor an open music-book. The drawing is good, the composition pleasant, and the tale is well told.

59. ------

A young man and

woman in a boat on a river, the young man lying in the bot- tom of the boat, and the girl sitting over him, her bare posteriors turned towards his face ; she handles the oars, and is rowing away from an old man, who, on the bank (left), is making gestures of great rage, stick in hand. On the right bank, is an Italian temple surrounded by trees ; and on the river, in the background, are two swans. The drawing is good, the etching is in outline only, but delicately done.


. 3J by 4} inches. Interior. A man leans backwards

on a kind of couch on wheels, in an almost perpendicular posture, a woman on each side ; she on the left side is handling his rigid member with her left hand ; she on his right side, with one knee on the ground, pulls towards him a third girl suspended in a swing to which a cord is attached ; all four figures are entirely naked, the girl in the swing holds her legs up in the air, and spread wide apart ready for the encounter. A small dog stands on his hind legs and barks at her. An antique jug and cup are on the floor in the foreground, right. The figures are fairly drawn, and are full of movement.

61 ------.

Two naked girls, kneeling on one knee on a kind of bed spread on the floor, are supporting in their arms a third naked woman whose legs they hold wide apart, and whom they present to a man standing opposite, whose erect member shows that he is eager for the attack ; he is entirely naked with exception of a turban ; behind him stands a fourth woman entirely dressed» and who appears to have been aiding the man to disrobe. On the floor, in foreground, lie a sword, buckler, and antique cup. Drawing good ; the figures, particularly that of the man, possess much vigour. This and the design immediately before noticed form a pair.

62. The Dairy Maids delight

. Size about 6\ by 5^ inches. Interior. A country girl, upstanding, with her posterior pushed well back, her breasts, arms, and all the lower part of her per- son bare, is working with both hands a perpendicular churn ; while a black man, supporting himself by his right hand on a table, his left holding up the dairy-maid's clothes, is stooping forward, and having connection with her ; his face indicates great enjoyment, and her's has a thoroughly licorous expression. To the right, a cat on a table is lapping milk oat of a dish ; above, a small window ; on the wall, at the back, is a shelf with two dishes on it, and underneath, hangs a jug; in the fore- ground, a pail and platter. The drawing and execution are good ; and although the black man's posture is exceedingly difficult, the composition is characteristic and pleasing ; the girFs buttocks are most inviting.

63. ------.

The same composition as the above, except that

it is not so fully finished, and in place of the window is a clock, with "a phallus instead of hands.

64. ------.

Size 6f by yf inches, in a \{ inch frame. A

Turk, seated on an otto man > is surrounded by five naked girls who are endeavouring in every way to excite him : one clasps him round the neck, another grasps his huge, erect member. The grouping is good, but the drawing is not perfect, and the execution rough, p.h.


The same composition as the above, with the

figures turned, and engraved in a different manner.

66. -------.

Size 5f by 8J inches. Exterior. In a cavern

by the sea shore, four sailors are disporting themselves with three mermaids ; one other man is occupied with the boat which is hauled up on land ; while a second man, an oar in hand, is prepared to do battle with a merman who is swimming towards them, his fists brandished in the air in sign of great rage. The composition and drawing are good, and the en- graving effective.

67. ------.

Size 5J by 3J inches. Interior, probably of a

church or temple. A very pretty, plump girl, leaning on the back of a chair which is atilt, her right arm reposing on the plinth of a column, and her right foot upon a stool, has her clothes up above her navel, and her breasts bare ; she has a hat and stockings on ; an old soldier, his pego erect and exposed, is peeping at her from behind the column. In the foreground left, are a glass and a bowl with a ladle in it. The drawing is not correct, but the girFs person and face are attractive, and the composition pleasing.

68. ------.

Interior. A girl, with her

shift rolled round her waist, her person otherwise entirely nude, leans back on a bed and admires her own charms in a looking- glass placed on a dressing table before her; her left arm is bent over her head, her legs are stretched well apart, and her left foot reposes on the dressing-table, from underneath which an old man on all fours is observing her. The drawing is not very good, but the composition is pleasing ; it forms a pendant to the subject immediately before noticed.

69. ------.

Interior. A youth, lying on his back on a bed, is copulating with a girl kneeling across him, (attitude St. George), while with his right hand he is touching the private parts of another girl seated on the same bed, with her right leg well drawn up to facilitate his operation ; she holds a glass in her right hand, and a hand-screen in her left ; both girls are, as usual, naked with exception of their shifts rolled round their waists ; their buttocks are ample and very voluptuous ; their faces not agreeable. On a table, to the right, is a plate of fruit. The composition is somewhat overdrawn, but nevertheless attractive.

70. ------1

Size about 6\ by ¿J inches. Under a tree, an

old parson is having connection with a well favoured girl, whose breasts and buttocks are exposed, and who is lying on the back of the clerk, on his knees underneath her ; she has her left hand on the parson's shoulder, and with her right holds on to a branch of the tree. A church is visible in the back- ground, and in the foreground, left, lie a bible and a three cornered hat. The drawing is good, and the composition full of life and humour.

71. Le Tableau Parlant or Speaking Picture

, Size 6/6 by

8f inches, in a f-inch frame. Interior. A man in hat and feather, with his posteriors and penis exposed, is kneeling on a bed and about to have connection with a girl seated on the same bed with shift, her only garment, up to her waist. Through the mantle-glass (left) the head of a man, apparently dressed like a pierrot, with horror depicted on his countenance, appears, and disturbs the amorous couple. There is a sofa to the left, and a guitar to the right of the composition. The drawing is fair, and the idea original, but the execution is poor.


Size 8f by 6f inches. A youth and a girl,

seated at a table, are copulating ; the girl is astride on the young man's lap, with her back towards him, although she turns her face round to his. On the table are a bowl and wine glass. In the background, a couple are standing, the female having hold of the immense priapus of her companion. In the front, a woman lies on the floor, with her face turned down- wards, apparently vomiting. The drawing is very bold, though not always correct ; the etching is sketchy and unfinished.

73. ------.


Bacchus, kneeling, is having connection with a girl seated under a tree ; her legs are over his shoulders, and both are entirely nude and crowned with grapes and vine leaves. In the background, five nymphs and satyrs dance, copulate, and play antics. In the foreground, right, are a vase and cup. The treatment is semi-classical, and the composition well done. h.

74. ------.

Size 10 by 9^ inches. In a bed-room, a very fat

man, in his shirt, is embracing the chamber-maid, fully dressed ; her right arm is passed round his neck, and with the candle which she holds in the same hand she is burning his hair. The man's shirt projects in front showing the excited state of his feelings. A warming pan, the handle of which is in shape of a phallus, is in the bed, which is smoking. A chair, with a cat on it, to the left. The drawing and execution are good, and the composition humourous and bordering on the burleske; the design is well filled in.

75 ------#

Size 6 by 8 inches. Two naked females, apparently

overcome by the fatigue of the chase, are reposing by the trunk of a tree ; a quiver and spear lie beside them ; and they are surrounded by game. Two satyrs discover them ; and the head and shoulders of a third woman are visible behind the tree to the left. A couple of dogs lie in the foreground. Signed : " Rubens pinxit Rowlandson sculpt."

76. ------.

Size 9J by 6f inches. A young and pretty

woman, quite nude, her left leg bent, and her left hand pressing her right breast, is refusing the solicitations of a naked Cupid, who is pulling her by the right hand ; three obscene and satyric figures around. In the foreground, right, is a vase. The drawing is good, and the composition classical and pleasing.

77. No title, but the subject represented is Leda and the swan.

Size 6f by 9 inches. Leda is reclining in a kind of cave, with drapery arranged round her, but her person entirely nude, a coronet on her head; with her right leg, which is raised over its back, she presses the swan to her ; the swan's head nestles between her breasts, and its beak and her mouth are united. Two naked children are in the background, and an egg in the foreground, to the right. The execution is rough ; the figure of Leda is too masculine. Signed : " Michael Angelus inv. Etched by Rowlandson 1799."

78. ------.

Size 8f by 6|· inches. Exterior. A naked woman, with dishevelled hair, and in the attitude as if running, draws aside a curtain, and gazes at a ship sailing away ; two naked boys are at her feet weeping. Signed : "GB Cipriani inv." The composition, which is classical and agreeable, represents Ariadne and Theseus.

79. ------.

Size 5 by 7§ inches. Two naked girls are lying

asleep beneath a tree, through the thick foliage of which a youth is peeping at them. A pipe and tambourine lie in the frontground. The drawing is good, and the execution capful. This is not erotic but classical, and is signed "Rowland- son 1799."

80, ------,

Size 5f by 9§ inches. Exterior. A nude

woman is reposing under drapery arranged as a canopy ; clouds and trees in the background ; a naked, laughing Cupid is fly-

ing off with bow in left, and arrow in right hand. A classical subject, of which the execution is not very effective. It is subscribed, " Rowlandson. Pubd by Hixon. 355 Strand near Exeter change April 6, 1800."

8It ------.

Size 6f by o,§ inches. One youth and three

maidens, all entirely nude, are reclining under trees, on the bank of a river ; one of the females is soliciting the young man. In the water, another couple are bathing, the man's left arm around the girl's waist. Execution rough, but effective. Signed, Francesco Albano.

82. ------.

Size 6i by 9 inches. Four nymphs, in various

attitudes, lie asleep under the shade of trees ; three of them are entirely naked, the fourth has some drapery round her legs only. To the right, a couple of ugly dogs are keeping watch ; to the left is a bugle horn. This is a pretty and agreeable composition ; the pudendum of the nymph in the immediate foreground is defined.

83. ------,

Size 8f by 5! inches. A girl, standing up to

her thighs in a river, is bathing the right foot of another girl who is about to step into the water ; both are entirely naked. Over head are the spreading, leafy branches of a tree. Drawing good ; a charming and classical subject. Subscribed : " De- signed and Pubd by Τ Rowlandson May 20 1799."


Size 7 by 5 J inches, or, with the engraved frame

which surrounds it, 8-J· by 7§ inches. Two nude females are asleep under drapery suspended over the branch of a tree ; they are both seated ; one rests her head on her right hand, the head of the other reposes on her arms lying on a bank upon which she leans; a naked, chubby child slumbers on the ground beside them. It is a pretty, and classical composition, although its meaning is not clear, Signed, outside the frame, Cipriani.

85. The Sad Discovery or the Graceless Apprentice.

Size about 8 by 10 inches. Interior. A woman in bed is implor- ing mercy from three men and a woman, who are poking her lover, the apprentice, out from under the bed ; in the confusion the chamber-pot is upset. This composition is spirited, and suggestive, but scarcely indecent. Signed " Rowland s on,

1785." B.M.L.

86. Lust and Avarice.

Size 14 by 10 inches. A pretty girl

is demanding money from an old, shriveled-up man, who has his left hand in his breeches pocket, and is putting his tongue out of his mouth, and turning up his eyes. Not indecent, simply suggestive. Signed: "Pub Novr 29 1788 by Wm RowLANDsoN N° 49 Broad Street Bloomsbury. b.m.l.

87. Liberality and Desire.

Pendant to above, and serial with it. A wooden legged and one eyed pensioner is giving a purse to a girl, while with the other hand he presses her breast. Scarcely indecent. Signature as above, with omission of the street, b.m.l.

88. Luxury. Misery. Harmony. Love

Here are four different compositions on two plates, measuring about 13 by 9 inches each plate ; two only are free, viz., Luxury and Love. In the former a man and woman are sitting up in bed and drinking tea, which a servant girl is offering them ; the woman's bosom is bare, and the man presses one of her breasts with his right hand, which is passed round her waist. In Love, a couple are embracing on a couch ; the man seems very eager, and the woman quite indifferent. Suggestive but not indecent. All four compositions are signed : Luxury and Misery simply T. RowLANDsoN, while to the other two are added the dates, Harmony 1785, Love 1796. b.m.l.

89. Who s Mistress now.

Size about 1 i-J- by 8 J inches. A servant girl, attired in her mistress's finery, is admiring herself before a looking-glass in the kitchen, while, through the half- opened door, three other girls are watching, and laughing at her. To the left, in the foreground, a cat is eating a fish. The heroine's breasts are fully exposed, but the composition is in no other respect free. Signed " Rowlandson del." b.m.l.

90. A Snip in a Rage.

Size about 11^· by 8| inches. In- terior. An old man, who appears at a window, and brandishes a large pair of shears, has disturbed a couple from their plea- sures ; the young man is just escaping into the adjoining apart- ment, while the girl stands beside the bed in her shift, with her hands folded over her bosom, and displays shame and regret ;

her legs are partially bare. Suggestive but not obscene. Signed: "Rowlandson del. Published July i§t 1802 by S Howitt, Panton Street, Hay Mark*" b.m.l.

91. New Shoes.

Size 10J by 8 J inches. Interior of a dairy. A dairy-maid is lifting her clothes to show her feet and ankles to a student, who stoops to look at them, and seems very intent in his observation ; an old man is observing them through a lattice-window ; the girl's petticoats are raised only half way up her calfs, but her bosom, as is usual with Row- landson, is bare. Signed: "Rowlandson 1793," and outside the design are the publisher's name and address, b.m.l.

92. A Dutch Academy.

  • Size 6 by 9 inches. Interior. A

very fat, and ugly woman, stark naked, is seated up high upon a kind of bench, while twelve men surround her, some drawing, some smoking. Signed: "Pubd by Τ Rowlandson. No 52 Strand. March 1792." b.m.l.

93. Intrusion on Study or the Painter disturbed.

Size 8J by 1 if inches. Interior of a studio. Two gentlemen are entering abruptly, while an artist is painting from a "naked girl on a sofa before him ; he holds up his hands as if to entreat them to retire ; the girl is crying. Unsigned, b.m.l.

94. Connoisseurs.

Connoisseurs[4] [5]

Interior of a picture-gallery. Four old men are gloating over a picture of Venus and Cupid placed on an easel before them. This composition is not indecent, but the expressions of the old men are most lascivious and suggestive. Signed : " Rowlandson. 1799. Pubd June 20, 1799, by S. W. Fores No 50 Piccadilly." B.M.L.

95. Symptoms of Sanctity.

Interior of a cloister. A bald, and very ugly monk is amorously gazing on the bare bosom of a pretty girl who stands beside him, her hands joined as if in prayer ; the holy man's right hand is on his penitent's breast, and his left reposes on her left shoulder.

Signed "Rowlandson fee 1800," and "Pub Jany.

20. 1801. by S. W. Fores, N° ¿o Piccadilly. Not indecent, but highly suggestive, b.m.l.

96. Touch for Touch, or a Female Physician in Full Practice.

Size ία by 9 inches. Interior. A fine, impudent looking girl, with bosom exposed, and two feathers in her head, is re- ceiving gold from an old man who is following her, as with her left hand she is opening the door to depart ; the old man's face is expressive of lechery in the highest degree. On the wall hangs a picture of a naked woman reclining on her back. This composition is well drawn, and suggestive. Signed : " Row- landson Del." b.m.l.

97· The Ghost of my Departed Husband, or Wither my Love ah! wither art thou gone.

A churchyard. An ugly old woman, apparently in feat of the watchman who holds his lantern up before him, has fallen on her back ; a ghostlike figure in a pointed cap lies fiat on the ground under the old dame's rump, and appears to be naked. The only indecency is the entire nudity of the woman's legs, which are up in the air. Signed : " Rowlandsgn seul." b.m.l.

98. The Discovery

, Size 5J by 7 inches. A fat old man with a poker in his right hand, has discovered a young man and woman flagrante delicio ; the youth, in his shirt, is on his knees before him, while the girl is seated on the bed weeping; she has a night cap on, but her breasts and legs are fully ex- posed. This is a nicely drawn and well finished piece. Signed: " Published Jan 1809. Rowlandson x79^·" b.m.l.

99. Washing Trotters.

Size 6 by η\ inches. Interior of a poorly furnished room, An ugly man and a pretty young woman are seated facing each other, she on a bed, he on a stool, and have their feet in the same tub ; the girl's clothes are up above her hips, and the man is eagerly regarding her charms thus liberally exposed to his gaze. A song " The Black Joke " hangs on the wall- The drawing of this compo- sition is good, and the finish, especially of the girl's legs and haunches, fine. Signed " Rowlandson del," and outside the design : '; Published by Hixon. 355. near Exeter change Strand Jan. 20. 1800,"

100. Work for Doctors-Commons.

Size 5-J by 8 inches. Interior. Two men from behind a screen are watching a couple on a sofa kissing each other, the woman seated on the man ; a fire is burning, and a guitar and music lie on the floor. This pretty plate, which represents General Upton and Mrs. Walsh, is well drawn and finely engraved, it is suggestive and somewhat free, but not indecent. It is signed " Pubd by Τ Rowlandson Strand Feby 1792." b.m.p. and l.

101. Opening the Sluces or Hollands (sic) last Shift.

Some dozen fat women, their hinder or lower parts bare, are squatting on the shore, and making water into the sea ; while a stout man is supplying them with gin from a bottle which he holds under his arm ; he is also pissing. Some soldiers are in the sea up to their middles in the water. The drawing of this caricature is generally poor, although the second woman is not bad, and the execution very rough ; the piece seems to have been done in a hurry. " Pubd Oct 24 1794 by J Adken No 14 Castle St Leicester Sqr." b.m.p.

102. Rural Sports. Or a pleasant ivay of making hay.

Size 12 by 9 inches. In a hay-field two youths and three wenches are romping on the ground, while a fourth girl is about to throw some hay upon them. The positions of the figures on the ground are suggestive, but scarcely indecent. In the back- ground three women and a man are loading a waggon. Signed "Rowlandson Del."

103. A View on the Banks of the Thames.

Size ίο-J- by Sc- inches. Two women, the one old, the other young and pretty, are walking away from a river in which several naked men are bathing ; they both however look back over their shoulders at

the sight which is evidently attractive to them, and the elder female exclaims : " Oh shame on the Nasty fellows do Sophia tell me when we are past them." Signed " Row- landsoist inv." This and the four following numbers were published by Thos. Tegg i i i Cheapside, and sold at one shilling coloured.

104. Off She Goes.

Size 12 by 9 inches. Exterior. A very fat woman, in the act of eloping with a military gentleman, has fallen off the ladder placed against the window, and of which a stale is broken, and lies spralling on the top of her lover. An old man in night cap puts his head and a lighted candle out of the window. The post-boy, standing by the post-chaise, is laughing at the catastrophe ; and a dog is barking. The woman's legs are fully exposed, but are not enticing. Signed " Thos. Tegg Rowlandson seul." b.m.l.

105. Neighbourly Refreshment

Size 12J by 9 inches. Ex- terior of a double house. A young man and woman are lean- ing out of two half-open doors, and kissing each other ; the young man is hanging up a bird-cage with his right hand, while his left hand is on the girl's breast ; an old man stands behind the girl, and an old woman behind the youth. A dog is spring- ing on a cock in the act of treading a hen ; while a frightened cat is clambering up one of the half-open doors. This compo- sition is by no means obscene, but only suggestive ; all the figures are fully clothed. The execution is rough, but not

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