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-A '''tribe''', viewed historically or developmentally, consists of a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, [[state]]s, though some modern theorists hold that ''contemporary'' tribes can only be understood in terms of their relationship to states.+
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-The term is often loosely used to refer to any [[non-Western]] or indigenous [[society]]. Many anthropologists use the term to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of [[kinship]], especially corporate descent groups (see [[clan]] and [[Lineage (anthropology)|lineage]]). +
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-In common modern understanding the word ''tribe'' means a social division within a traditional society consisting of a group of interlinked families or communities sharing a common culture and dialect. In the contemporary western mind the modern tribe is typically associated with a seat of traditional authority (tribal leader) with whom the representatives of external powers interact.+
-== See also ==+
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