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-The '''Mutoscope''' was an early [[film|motion picture]] device, patented by [[Herman Casler]] on [[November 21]], [[1894]]. Like [[Thomas Edison]]'s [[Kinetoscope]] it did not project on a screen, and provided viewing to only one person at a time. Cheaper and simpler than the [[Kinetoscope]], the system—marketed by the [[American Mutoscope and Biograph Company|American Mutoscope Company]])—quickly dominated the coin-in-the-slot "[[peep show|peep-show]]" business. Mutoscopes were a popular feature of [[penny arcade (venue)|amusement arcades]] and pleasure [[pier]]s from the 1890s until the [[mid-20th century]]. The typical arcade installation included multiple machines offering a mixture of fare. Both in the early days and during the revival, that mixture usually included "[[girlie]]" reels which ran the gamut from [[risqué]] to outright [[soft-core pornography]]. It was, however, common for these reels to have suggestive titles that implied more than the reel actually delivered. The title of one such reel, ''[[What the Butler Saw (motion picture)|What the Butler Saw]]'', became a [[byword]], and Mutoscopes are commonly known in England as "What-the-Butler-Saw machines." (What the butler saw, presumably through a keyhole, was a [[female nude|woman partially disrobing]].) 
 +# a [[raise]]d [[platform]] built from the [[shore]] out over [[water]], supported on [[pile]]s; used to [[secure]], or provide [[access]] to [[shipping]]; a [[jetty]]
 +# a similar [[structure]], especially at a [[seaside resort]], used to provide [[entertainment]]
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  1. a raised platform built from the shore out over water, supported on piles; used to secure, or provide access to shipping; a jetty
  2. a similar structure, especially at a seaside resort, used to provide entertainment

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