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== Art and culture == == Art and culture ==
-* [[869]] - The [[Fourth Council of Constantinople]] is convened to decide about what to do about Patriarch [[Photius]] of Constantinople. 
-*[[1143]] - The king [[Alfonso VII]] of Leon recognises [[Portugal]] as a Kingdom. 
-*[[1550]] - Foundation of [[Concepción, Chile|Concepción]], city in [[Chile]]. 
-*[[1582]] - Because of the implementation of the [[Gregorian calendar]] this day does not exist in this year in [[Italy]], [[Poland]], [[Portugal]] and [[Spain]]. 
-*[[1665]] - The [[University of Kiel]] is founded. 
-*[[1789]] - [[French Revolution]]: Women of [[Paris]] march to [[Palace of Versailles|Versailles]] in [[the March on Versailles]] to confront [[Louis XVI]] about his refusal to promulgate the decrees on the [[abolition]] of [[feudalism]], demand bread, and have the King and his court moved to Paris. 
-*[[1793]] - [[French Revolution]]: [[Christianity]] is disestablished in [[France]]. 
-*[[1864]] - The [[India]]n city of [[Kolkata|Calcutta]] is almost totally destroyed by a [[cyclone]]; 60,000 die. 
-*[[1869]] - A strong [[hurricane]] devastates the [[Bay of Fundy]] region of Maritime [[Canada]]. The storm had been predicted over a year before by a British naval officer. 
-*[[1877]] - [[Chief Joseph]] surrenders his [[Nez Perce]] band to General [[Nelson A. Miles]]. 
-*[[1886]] - City of [[Johannesburg]], [[South Africa]] founded following the discovery of gold there. 
-*[[1895]] - The first [[individual time trial]] for racing [[cyclist]]s is held on a 50-mile course north of [[London]]. 
-*[[1903]] - [[Samuel Griffith|Sir Samuel Griffith]] is appointed the first [[Chief Justice of Australia]] and [[Edmund Barton|Sir Edmund Barton]] and [[Richard O'Connor (politician)|Richard O'Connor]] are appointed as foundation justices. 
-*[[1905]] - [[Wright brothers|Wilbur Wright]] pilots [[Wright Flyer III]] in a flight of 24 miles in 39 minutes, a world record that stood until 1908. 
-*[[1910]] - [[Portugal]] overthrows its monarchy and declares itself a republic. 
-*[[1914]] - [[World War I]] first aerial combat resulting in a kill. 
-*[[1915]] - [[Bulgaria]] enters [[World War I]] as one of the [[Central Powers]]. 
-*[[1921]] - [[Baseball]]: The [[World Series]] was broadcast on the radio for the first time. 
-*[[1930]] - British [[Airship R101]] crashed in France en-route to India on its maiden voyage. 
-*[[1936]] - The [[Jarrow March]] sets off for [[London]]. 
-*[[1944]] - [[Canada|Canadian]] Air Force pilots shoot down the first [[Germany|German]] [[Jet aircraft|jet fighter]] over [[France]]. 
-*[[1945]] - [[Hollywood Black Friday]]: A six month strike by [[Hollywood]] [[set decorator]]s turns into a bloody riot at the gates of [[Warner Brothers]]' studios.  
-*[[1947]] - The first televised [[White House]] address is given by [[President of the United States|U.S. President]] [[Harry S. Truman]]. 
-*[[1949]] - [[WSAZ]], [[West Virginia|West Virginia's]] first television station, begins broadcasting in [[Huntington, West Virginia|Huntington]]. 
-*[[1953]] - The first documented recovery meeting of [[Narcotics Anonymous]] is held.  
-* 1953 - [[Earl Warren]] is sworn in as the 14th [[Chief Justice of the United States]].  
-*[[1962]] - In the UK [[The Beatles]] release their first single, "[[Love Me Do]]." 
-*[[1962]] - In The UK, the First [[James Bond]] movie, ''[[Dr. No (film)|Dr. No]]'', is released. 
-*[[1966]] - Near [[Detroit, Michigan]], there is a partial core meltdown at the Enrico Fermi demonstration nuclear breeder reactor.  
-*[[1969]] - The first episode of [[Monty Python's Flying Circus]] airs, at 9 p.m., on the [[BBC]]. 
-*[[1970]] - [[PBS]] became a [[television]] network. 
-* 1970 - [[Montreal, Quebec]]: [[United Kingdom|British]] Trade Commissioner [[James Cross]] is kidnapped by members of the [[FLQ]] terrorist group. 
-*[[1972]] - ''The Last [[The Goon Show|Goon Show]] of All'' goes to air on [[BBC Radio]], one of the most celebrated and influential programmes in the history of radio. 
-*[[1973]] - Signature of the [[European Patent Convention]] 
-*[[1974]] - [[Guildford pub bombing]] by the [[Irish Republican Army|IRA]] leaves 5 dead and 65 injured.  
-*[[1981]] - [[Raoul Wallenberg]] becomes an honorary U.S. citizen. 
-*[[1984]] - [[Marc Garneau]] becomes the first [[Canadian space program|Canadian in space]], aboard the [[Space Shuttle]] ''[[Space Shuttle Challenger|Challenger]]''. 
-*[[1986]] - [[Israel and weapons of mass destruction|Israeli secret nuclear weapons]] were revealed. The [[United Kingdom|British]] newspaper ''[[The Sunday Times (UK)|The Sunday Times]]'' ran [[Mordechai Vanunu]]'s story on its front page under the headline: "Revealed — the secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal." 
-*[[1988]] - The [[Chile]]an opposition coalition ''[[Coalition of Parties for Democracy|Concertación]]'' (center-left) defeat [[Augusto Pinochet]] in his re-election intentions. Next year a [[general election]] was called.  
-*[[1990]] - After one hundred and fifty years ''The Herald'' [[broadsheet]] newspaper in [[Melbourne, Australia]], is published for the last time as a separate newspaper.  
-*[[1991]] - An [[Indonesia]]n military transport crashes after takeoff from [[Jakarta]] killing 137.  
-* 1991 - The first official version of the [[Linux kernel]], version 0.02, is released. 
-*[[1999]] - The [[Ladbroke Grove rail crash]] in west [[London]] [[kills]] 31 people. 
-*[[2000]] - Mass demonstrations in [[Belgrade]] lead to resignation of [[Serbia]]n strongman [[Slobodan Milošević]]. These demonstrations are often called the [[Bulldozer Revolution]]. 
-*[[2001]] - [[Robert Stevens (photo editor)|Robert Stevens]] becomes the first victim in the [[2001 anthrax attacks]]. 
-* 2001 - [[Tom Ridge]] resigns as [[Governor of Pennsylvania]] to become [[George W. Bush|President Bush's]] [[Office of Homeland Security|Homeland Security Advisor]]. 
==Births== ==Births==

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