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-A '''film still''', sometimes called a '''publicity still''', is a [[photograph]] taken on the set of a [[Film|movie]] or [[television program]] during [[Film production|production]], used for [[Promotion (marketing)|promotional]] purposes. Generally, a still photographer is present on the [[Set construction|set]], shooting alongside [[principal photography]], but a print could also be made from a [[Film frame|frame]] of a [[Reel|production reel]]. The latter option is usually less desirable, as the smaller negatives of cine film produce grainier images than do larger stills negatives, and the slow shutter speed used in motion-picture photography (typically 1/48<sup>th</sup> of a second) produces still images that are more prone to blur.+
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-For stills from an [[animated cartoon]], the original animation [[cel]] may be photographed or, in the case of a [[computer animation]], the frame may be [[Rendering (computer graphics)|re-rendered]]. Where the source material is no longer available, an image may be [[Video capture|captured]] from a recording.+
-== See also ==+
-* [[Movie stills photographer]]+
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-* [[Film frame]]+

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