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-'''Equality''' may refer to:+'''Logical equality''' is a [[logical operator]] that corresponds to [[equality (mathematics)|equality]] in [[Boolean algebra (logic)|Boolean algebra]] and to the [[logical biconditional]] in [[propositional calculus]]. It gives the [[function (mathematics)|functional]] value ''[[Truth|true]]'' if both functional arguments have the same [[logical value]], and ''[[False (logic)|false]]'' if they are different.
-==Politics and Society==+== See also ==
-*[[Political equality]], in which all members of a society are of equal standing+* [[Boolean function]]
-** [[Consociationalism]], in which an ethnically, religiously, or linguistically divided state functions by cooperation of each group's elites+* [[If and only if]]
-** [[Egalitarianism]], a trend of thought that favors equality for all people+* [[Logical equivalence]]
-** [[Equal opportunity]], a stipulation that all people should be treated similarly+* [[Logical biconditional]]
-** [[Equality of outcome]], in which the general conditions of people's lives are similar+* [[Propositional calculus]]
-** For specific groups:+
-*** [[Gender equality]]+
-*** [[Racial equality]]+
-* [[Social equality]], in which all people within a group have the same status, a form of [[social justice]]+
- +
-* [[Equality before the law]], the principle under which all people are subject to the same laws+
- +
-== Logic ==+
-* [[Logical equality]]+
- +
-==See also==+
-* [[Equal (disambiguation)]]+
-* [[Inequality (disambiguation)]]+
-* [[Equity (disambiguation)]]+
-* ''[[Liberté, égalité, fraternité]]'' (liberty, equality, fraternity), motto of the French Revolution+
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Logical equality is a logical operator that corresponds to equality in Boolean algebra and to the logical biconditional in propositional calculus. It gives the functional value true if both functional arguments have the same logical value, and false if they are different.

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