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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

The following is a list of monarchs of the Kingdom of Naples.


Monarchs of Naples

Capetian House of Anjou, 1266–1382

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Charles I
Image:Palazzo Reale di Napoli - Carlo I d'Angiò.jpg 21 March 1226
son of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile
Beatrice of Provence
31 January 1246
7 children

Margaret of Burgundy
18 November 1268
1 child
7 January 1285
aged 58
right of conquest
Charles II
Image:Charles II of Naples.jpg 1254
son of Charles I of Naples and Beatrice of Provence
Maria of Hungary
14 children
8 May 1309
aged 54-55
son of Charles I (primogeniture)
Image:Robert of Naples (head).jpg 1277
son of Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary
Yolanda of Aragon
2 children

Sancha of Majorca
July 1304
no children
20 January 1343
aged 65-66
son of Charles II (proximity of blood)<ref>Robert's nephew, Charles Robert, the son of Robert's older brother, Charles Martel, was both the heir male and the heir general of Charles II. However, Charles Robert was busy claiming the Holy Crown of Hungary, which enabled Robert to successfully claim the Crown of Naples on the basis of proximity of blood.</ref>
Joan I
Image:Joan I of Naples (head).jpg 1328
daughter of Charles, Duke of Calabria and Marie of Valois
Andrew, Duke of Calabria
1 child

Louis of Taranto
20 August 1346
2 children

James IV of Majorca
26 September 1363
no children

Otto, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
25 September 1376
no children
12 May 1382
San Fele
aged 53-54
granddaughter of Robert (primogeniture)

Joan I was deposed and later killed by her cousin, Charles, Duke of Durazzo.

House of Anjou-Durazzo, 1381–1435

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Charles III
Image:Charles III of Naples (head).jpg 1345
son of Louis of Durazzo and Margaret of Sanseverino
Margaret of Durazzo
February 1369
3 children
24 February 1386
aged 40-41
great-grandson of Charles II (right of conquest)
Image:Ladislas of Naples (head).jpg 14 July 1376
son of Charles III of Naples and Margaret of Durazzo
Constance of Clermont
no children

Marie of Lusignan
12 February 1403
no children

Mary of Enghien
no children
6 August 1414
aged 38
son of Charles III (primogeniture)
Joan II
Image:Joan II of Naples.jpg 23 June 1373
daughter of Charles III of Naples and Margherita of Durazzo
William, Duke of Austria
No children

James II, Count of La Marche
No children
2 February 1435
aged 61
daughter of Charles III (primogeniture)

The rule of the House of Durazzo was contested by the Dukes of Anjou of the House of Valois, who led several military expeditions into the kingdom. In the end Queen Joan II, being heirless, recognized Duke Louis III in 1426 as Duke of Calabria and heir. Louis predeceased her, but his brother René inherited his claim. Joan recognised René as her heir before her death.

House of Valois-Anjou, 1382–1426 and 1435–1442

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Louis I
Image:Louis III of Naples.PNG 23 July 1339
Château de Vincennes
son of John II of France and Bonne of Luxembourg
Marie of Blois
3 children
20 September 1384
aged 45
great-great-grandson of Charles II; adopted son of Joan I (appointment)
Louis II
Image:Luigi II d'Angiò.jpg 1377
son of Louis I of Naples and Marie de Blois
Yolande of Aragon
5 children
29 April 1417
aged 40
son of Louis I (primogeniture)
Louis III
Image:Blason duche fr Anjou (moderne).png 1403
son of Louis II of Naples and Yolande of Aragon
Margaret of Savoy
No children
12 November 1434
aged 31
son of Louis II (primogeniture; appointed by the Pope)
Image:04.Le roi Rene.jpg 16 January 1409
Château d'Angers
son of Louis II of Naples and Yolande of Aragon
Isabelle of Lorraine
10 children

Jeanne de Laval
10 September 1454
no children
10 July 1480
aged 71
son of Louis II; adopted son of Joan II (primogeniture)

Louis I, Duke of Anjou, was the adopted heir of Joan I. He succeeded her, de jure, on her death in 1382. His descendants fought the House of Durazzo, mostly in vain, but not without any successes, for the throne until an agreement was reached between Louis III and Joan II whereby she recognised him and his house as her heirs. René, Louis's brother, succeeded Joan in 1435.

René had a contestant in King Alfonso V of Aragon who had been previously considered as a successor by Joan II but had been later discarded in favour of René's brother. Alfonso conquered the kingdom manu militari and René was forced to flee. René's claim was inherited by either his nephew (Charles IV of Anjou, who died in 1481, leaving his claims to French king Louis XI) or his grandson (René II of Lorraine). The latter's descendants continued to claim the throne of Naples, as did the French kings, down to 1529, and intermittently until 1559.

House of Trastámara, 1442–1501

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Alfonso I
Image:Alfonso-V-el-Magnanimo.jpg 1396
Medina del Campo
son of Ferdinand I of Aragon and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Maria of Castile
no children
27 June 1458
aged 52
right of conquest; adopted son of Joan II
Ferdinand I
Image:Ferrante I of Naples.jpg 2 June 1423
son of Alfonso I and Giraldona Carlino
Isabella of Taranto
6 children

Joanna of Aragon
14 September 1476
2 children
25 January 1494
aged 71
illegitimate son of Alfonso I (appointment)
Alfonso II
Image:Alfonso II di Napoli.jpg 4 November 1448
son of Ferdinand I of Naples and Isabella of Taranto
Ippolita Maria Sforza
10 October 1465
3 children

Trogia Gazzela
2 children
18 December 1495
aged 47
son of Ferdinand I (primogeniture)
Ferdinand II
Image:Ferrandino Naples.jpg 26 August 1469
son of Alfonso II of Naples and Ippolita Maria Sforza
Joan of Naples
No children
7 September 1496
aged 27
son of Alfonso II (primogeniture)
Image:Frederick IV of Naples.jpg 19 April 1452
son of Ferdinand I of Naples and Isabella of Taranto
Anna of Savoy
11 September 1478
1 child

Isabella del Balzo
28 November 1486
5 children
9 November 1504
aged 51
son and heir male of Ferdinand I (agnatic primogeniture)

The French conquered the kingdom in 1501 and King Frederick was taken as a prisoner to France, where he died.

French direct rule, 1500–1504

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Louis IV
Image:Ludvig XII av Frankrike på målning från 1500-talet.jpg 27 June 1462
Château de Blois
son of Charles, Duke of Orléans and Marie of Cleves
Joan of France
8 September 1476
no children

Anne of Brittany
8 January 1499
4 children

Mary of England
9 October 1514
no children
1 January 1515
aged 52
right of conquest

The kingdom was conquered by the Spanish in 1504, after the Battle of the Garigliano.

Spanish direct rule, 1504–1707

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Ferdinand III
Image:Michel Sittow 004.jpg 10 March 1452
son of John II of Aragon and Juana Enriquez
Isabella I of Castile
19 October 1469
5 children

Germaine of Foix
no children
23 January 1516
aged 54
right of conquest
Joan III
Image:Johanna I van Castilië.JPG 6 November 1479
daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
Philip I of Castile
6 children
12 April 1555
aged 75
daughter of Ferdinand III (primogeniture)
Charles IV
Image:Emperor charles v.png 24 February 1500
son of Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile
Isabella of Portugal
10 March 1526
3 children
21 September 1558
aged 58
son of Joan III (primogeniture)
Philip I
1554–13 September 1598
Image:King PhilipII of Spain.jpg 21 May 1527
son of Charles IV and Isabella of Portugal
Maria of Portugal
1 child

Mary I of England
No children

Elisabeth of Valois
2 children

Anna of Austria
4 May 1570
5 children
13 September 1598
aged 71
son of Charles IV (primogeniture)
Philip II
Image:PhilipIIISpain.jpg 14 April 1578
son of Philip I and Anna of Austria
Margaret of Austria
18 April 1599
5 children
31 March 1621
aged 42
son of Philip I (primogeniture)
Philip III
31 March 1621–1647
interrupted by Republic
1648–17 September 1665
Image:Philip IV of Spain.jpg 8 April 1605
son of Philip II and Margaret of Austria
Elisabeth of Bourbon
7 children

Mariana of Austria
5 children

17 September 1665
aged 60
son of Philip II (primogeniture)
Charles V
17 September 1665 – 1 November 1700
Image:Juan de Miranda Carreno 002.jpg 6 November 1661
son of Philip III and Mariana of Austria
Maria Luisa of Orléans
19 November 1679
No children

Maria Anna of Neuburg
14 May 1690
No children

1 November 1700
aged 38
son of Philip III (primogeniture)
Philip IV
16 November 1700 – 11 April 1713
Image:Felipe V; Rey de España.jpg 19 December 1683
son of Louis, Dauphin of France and Maria Anna of Bavaria
Maria Luisa of Savoy
2 November 1701
4 children

Elisabeth of Parma
24 December 1714
7 children

9 July 1746
aged 62
great-grandson of Philip III (appointment)

The Spanish lost the kingdom to the Austrians during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Austrian direct rule, 1714–1734

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Charles VI
7 July 1707 – 2 June 1734
Image:Carles-III-de-Catalunya.jpg 1 October 1685
son of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and Eleonore-Magdalena of Pfalz-Neuburg
Elisabeth Christine
1 August 1708
4 children
20 October 1740
aged 55
great-grandson of Philip II (right of conquest)

The kingdom was conquered by the Spanish army in 1734, during the War of the Polish Succession. Together with Sicily, Naples was recognized as an independent kingdom under a cadet branch of the Spanish Bourbons by the Treaty of Vienna in 1738.

House of Bourbon 1735–1806

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Charles VII
2 June 1734 – 6 October 1759
Image:Charles III of Spain.jpg 20 January 1716
son of Philip IV and Elizabeth of Parma
Maria Amalia of Saxony
13 children
14 December 1788
aged 72
son of Philip IV (primogeniture; right of conquest)
Ferdinand IV
6 October 1759 – 23 January 1798
interrupted by Republic
23 June 1799 – 1 March 1806
Image:Ferdinand i twosicilies.jpg 12 January 1751
son of Charles VII and Maria Amalia of Saxony
Marie Caroline of Austria
12 May 1768
17 children

Lucia Migliaccio of Floridia
27 November 1814
No children
4 January 1825
aged 73
son of Charles VII (cession of the crown)

House of Bonaparte and House of Murat, 1806–1815

Template:Monarchs - table header |- | Joseph I
30 March 1806 – 8 July 1808 || Image:Joseph-Bonaparte.jpg || 7 January 1768
son of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino||Julie Clary
1 August 1794
3 children||28 July 1844
aged 76 |- | Joachim I<ref>First King of Two Sicilies by the Edict of Bayonne, Colletta P., History of the Kingdom of Naples: 1734-1825, p.71</ref>
1 August 1808 – 22 May 1815 || Image:Murat2.jpg || 25 March 1767
La Bastide-Fortunière
son of Pierre Murat-Jordy and Jeanne Loubières||Caroline Bonaparte
1 August 1794
3 children|| 13 October 1815
aged 48
(executed) |- |}

House of Bourbon 1815–1816

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Claim
Ferdinand IV
22 May 1815 – 8 December 1816
Image:Ferdinand i twosicilies.jpg 12 January 1751
son of Charles VII and Maria Amalia of Saxony
Marie Caroline of Austria
12 May 1768
17 children

Lucia Migliaccio of Floridia
27 November 1814
No children
4 January 1825
aged 73
son of Charles VII (primogeniture)

In 1816 King Ferdinand IV merged the two Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily into the new Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and took the new title of Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies.

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