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== Art and culture == == Art and culture ==
 +*[[1920]] - [[Erste Internationale Dada-Messe]]
*[[1930]] - ''[[Different from the Others]]'' premieres in Germany *[[1930]] - ''[[Different from the Others]]'' premieres in Germany
*[[1952]] - ''[[Howlings in Favour of de Sade]]'', a film by Guy Debord premiers in Paris *[[1952]] - ''[[Howlings in Favour of de Sade]]'', a film by Guy Debord premiers in Paris
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*[[1974]] - [[Vannevar Bush]], American engineer and politician (b. [[1890]]) *[[1974]] - [[Vannevar Bush]], American engineer and politician (b. [[1890]])
-* [[350]] – [[Roman usurper]] [[Nepotianus]], of the [[Constantinian dynasty]], is defeated and killed by troops of the usurper [[Magnentius]], in [[Rome]]. 
-*[[1422]] – [[Battle of Arbedo]] between the duke of [[Milan]] and the [[Switzerland|Swiss]] [[Cantons of Switzerland|cantons]]. 
-*[[1520]] – Spanish [[conquistador]]s led by [[Hernán Cortés]] [[La Noche Triste|fight their way]] out of [[Tenochtitlan]]. 
-*[[1521]] – Spanish forces defeat a combined [[Kingdom of France|French]] and [[Kingdom of Navarre|Navarrese]] army at the [[Battle of Noáin]] during the [[Spanish conquest of Iberian Navarre]]. 
-*[[1559]] – King [[Henry II of France]] is mortally wounded in a [[jousting]] match against [[Gabriel de Montgomery]]. 
-*[[1651]] – [[The Deluge (Polish history)|The Deluge]]: [[Khmelnytsky Uprising]] – the [[Battle of Beresteczko]] ends with a [[Poland|Polish]] victory. 
-*[[1688]] – The [[Immortal Seven]] issue the [[Invitation to William]] (continuing the [[Kingdom of England|English]] rebellion from Rome), which would culminate in the [[Glorious Revolution]]. 
-*[[1758]] – [[Seven Years' War]]: The [[Battle of Domstadtl]] takes place. 
-*[[1794]] – Native American forces under [[Blue Jacket]] attack [[Fort Recovery]]. 
-*[[1805]] – The [[Congress of the United States|U.S. Congress]] organizes the [[Michigan Territory]]. 
-*[[1859]] – [[France|French]] [[Acrobatics|acrobat]] [[Charles Blondin]] crosses [[Niagara Falls]] on a [[Tightrope walking|tightrope]]. 
-*[[1860]] – The [[1860 Oxford evolution debate]] at the [[Oxford University Museum of Natural History]] takes place. 
-*[[1864]] – [[President of the United States|U.S. President]] [[Abraham Lincoln]] grants [[Yosemite Valley]] to [[California]] for "public use, resort and recreation". 
-*[[1882]] – [[Charles J. Guiteau]] is hanged in [[Washington, D.C.]] for the assassination of [[President of the United States|U.S. President]] [[James Garfield]]. 
-*[[1886]] – The first transcontinental train trip across [[Canada]] departs from [[Montreal]]. It arrives in [[Port Moody, British Columbia]] on [[July 4]]. 
-*[[1905]] – [[Albert Einstein]] publishes the article ''[[Annus Mirabilis Papers#Special relativity|On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies]]'', in which he introduces [[special relativity]]. 
-*[[1906]] – The United States Congress passes the [[Meat Inspection Act]] and [[Pure Food and Drug Act]]. 
-*[[1908]] – The [[Tunguska event]] occurs in remote [[Siberia]]. 
-*[[1912]] – The [[Regina Cyclone]] hits [[Regina, Saskatchewan]], killing 28. It remains Canada's deadliest tornado event. 
-*[[1921]] – U.S. President [[Warren G. Harding]] appoints former President [[William Howard Taft]] [[Chief Justice of the United States]]. 
-*[[1922]] – In [[Washington D.C.]], U.S. Secretary of State [[Charles Evans Hughes]] and Dominican Ambassador Francisco J. Peynado sign the Hughes-Peynado agreement, which ends the [[United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916–1924)|United States occupation of the Dominican Republic]]. 
-*[[1934]] – The [[Night of the Long Knives]], [[Adolf Hitler]]'s violent purge of his political rivals in [[Germany]], takes place. 
-*[[1935]] – The [[Senegalese Socialist Party]] holds its first congress. 
-*[[1936]] – Emperor [[Haile Selassie]] of [[Ethiopian Empire|Abyssinia]] appeals for aid to the [[League of Nations]] against [[Italy]]'s invasion of his country. 
-*[[1937]] – The world's first [[emergency telephone number]], [[999 (emergency telephone number)|999]], is introduced in London 
-*[[1944]] – [[World War II]]: The [[Battle of Cherbourg]] ends with the fall of the strategically valuable port to [[United States|American]] forces. 
-*[[1953]] – The first [[Chevrolet Corvette]] rolls off the assembly line in [[Flint, Michigan]]. 
-*[[1956]] – A [[Trans World Airlines|TWA]] [[Lockheed Constellation|Super Constellation]] and a [[United Airlines]] [[Douglas DC-7|DC-7]] [[1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision|collide]] above the [[Grand Canyon]] in [[Arizona]], United States, killing all 128 on board the two planes. 
-*[[1959]] – A [[United States Air Force]] [[F-100 Super Sabre]] from [[Kadena Air Base]], [[Okinawa]], [[1959 Kadena Air Base F-100 crash|crashes]] into a nearby elementary school, killing 11 students plus six residents from the local neighborhood. 
-*[[1960]] – [[Belgian Congo|Congo]] gains independence from [[Belgium]]. 
-*[[1963]] – [[Ciaculli massacre]]: a [[car bomb]], intended for [[Mafia]] boss [[Salvatore Greco "Ciaschiteddu"|Salvatore Greco]], kills seven [[Polizia di Stato|police]] officers and [[Italian Army|military]] personnel near [[Palermo]]. 
-*[[1966]] – The [[National Organization for Women]], the United States' largest [[feminism|feminist]] organization, is founded. 
-*[[1968]] – [[Pope Paul VI]] issues the ''[[Credo of the People of God]]''. 
-*[[1969]] – [[Nigeria]] bans [[Red Cross]] aid to [[Biafra]]. 
-*[[1971]] – The crew of the [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] ''[[Soyuz 11]]'' spacecraft are killed when their air supply escapes through a faulty valve. 
-* 1971 – [[Ohio]] ratifies the [[26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution]], reducing the [[voting age]] to 18, thereby putting the amendment into effect. 
-*[[1972]] – The first [[leap second]] is added to the [[UTC]] time system. 
-*[[1977]] – The [[Southeast Asia Treaty Organization]] disbands. 
-*[[1985]] – Thirty-nine American hostages from the hijacked [[TWA Flight 847]] are freed in [[Beirut]] after being held for 17 days. 
-*[[1986]] – The [[Supreme Court of the United States|U.S. Supreme Court]] rules in ''[[Bowers v. Hardwick]]'' that states can outlaw [[Homosexuality|homosexual]] acts between consenting adults. 
-*[[1987]] – The [[Royal Canadian Mint]] introduces the $1 coin, known as the [[Loonie]]. 
-*[[1990]] – [[East Germany]] and [[West Germany]] merge their economies. 
-*[[1991]] – 32 miners are killed when a coal mine catches fire in the [[Donbass]] region of [[Ukraine]] and releases toxic gas. 
-*[[1997]] – The [[United Kingdom]] [[Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong|transfers]] [[sovereignty]] over [[Hong Kong]] to the [[People's Republic of China]]. 
-*[[2009]] – [[Yemenia Flight 626]] crashes into the [[Indian Ocean]], near [[Comoros]], killing all but one of the 153 passengers and crew on board. 
-<!--Do NOT add videogames, videogame consoles, movie, TV, or album releases, as they WILL be deleted--> 
-*[[1286]] &ndash; [[John de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey]], English nobleman (d. 1347) 
-*[[1470]] &ndash; King [[Charles VIII of France]] (d. 1498) 
-*[[1503]] &ndash; [[John Frederick, Elector of Saxony]] (d. 1554) 
-*[[1588]] &ndash; [[Giovanni Maria Sabino]], Italian composer, organist and teacher (d. 1649) 
-*[[1641]] &ndash; [[Meinhardt Schomberg, 3rd Duke of Schomberg]], Irish general (d. 1719) 
-*[[1685]] &ndash; [[John Gay]], British writer (d. 1732) 
-*[[1755]] &ndash; [[Paul François Jean Nicolas Barras]], French politician (d. 1829) 
-*[[1789]] &ndash; [[Horace Vernet]], French painter and graphic artist (d. 1863) 
-*[[1803]] &ndash; [[Thomas Lovell Beddoes]], English poet (d. 1849) 
-*[[1807]] &ndash; [[Friedrich Theodor von Vischer]], German narrator, lyricist and philosopher (d.1887) 
-*[[1817]] &ndash; [[Joseph Dalton Hooker]], British botanist (d. 1911) 
-*[[1823]] &ndash; [[Dinshaw Maneckji Petit]], Indian industrialist (d. 1901) 
-*[[1843]] &ndash; [[Ernest Mason Satow]], British diplomat (d. 1929) 
-*[[1864]] &ndash; [[Frederick Bligh Bond]], English architect, illustrator, archaeologist and psychical researcher (d. 1945) 
-*[[1884]] &ndash; [[Georges Duhamel]], French author (d. 1966) 
-*[[1891]] &ndash; [[Man Mountain Dean]], American professional wrestler (d. 1953) 
-* 1891 &ndash; [[Ed Lewis (wrestler)|Ed "Strangler" Lewis]], American professional wrestler (d. 1966) 
-*[[1892]] &ndash; [[Oswald Pohl]], German Nazi leader (d. 1951) 
-* 1892 &ndash; [[Bo Carter]], American blues musician (d. 1962) 
-*[[1893]] &ndash; [[Walter Ulbricht]], German Communist leader (d. 1973) 
-*[[1899]] &ndash; [[Madge Bellamy]], American actress (d. 1990) 
-* 1899 &ndash; [[Harry Shields]], American jazz clarinetist (d. 1971) 
-*[[1906]] &ndash; [[Ralph Allen (footballer)|Ralph Allen]], English footballer (d. 1981) 
-* 1906 &ndash; [[Anthony Mann]], American film actor and director (d. 1967) 
-*[[1907]] &ndash; [[Roman Shukhevych]], Ukrainian politician (d. 1950) 
-*[[1908]] &ndash; [[Winston Graham]], British writer (d. 2003) 
-*[[1911]] &ndash; [[Czesław Miłosz]], Polish poet and writer, [[Nobel Prize in Literature|Nobel laureate]] (d. 2004) 
-*[[1912]] &ndash; [[Ludwig Bölkow]], German aeronautical engineer (d. 2003) 
-* 1912 &ndash; [[Dan Reeves (NFL owner)|Dan Reeves]], American sports team owner (d. 1971) 
-*[[1913]] &ndash; [[Harry Wismer]], American sports team owner (d. 1967) 
-* 1913 &ndash; [[Alfonso López Michelsen]], Colombian politician (d. 2007) 
-*[[1914]] &ndash; [[Francisco da Costa Gomes]], Portuguese politician (d. 2001) 
-* 1914 &ndash; [[Allan Houser]], Native American artist (d. 1994) 
-*[[1917]] &ndash; [[Susan Hayward]], American actress (d. 1975) 
-* 1917 &ndash; [[Lena Horne]], American singer and actress (d. 2010) 
-*[[1919]] &ndash; [[Ed Yost]], American inventor (d. 2007) 
-*[[1925]] &ndash; [[Fred Schaus]], American basketball coach and executive (d. 2010) 
-*[[1926]] &ndash; [[Paul Berg]], American biochemist, [[Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel laureate]] 
-*[[1929]] &ndash; [[James Goldman]], American screenwriter (d. 1998) 
-* 1929 &ndash; [[Hans Krondahl]], Swedish painter and textile designer 
-*[[1930]] &ndash; [[Thomas Sowell]], American economist 
-*[[1931]] &ndash; [[Bert Eriksson]], Flemish neo-Nazi (d. 2005) 
-* 1931 &ndash; [[Andrew Hill]], American jazz pianist (d. 2007) 
-*[[1933]] &ndash; [[Lea Massari]], Italian actress 
-* 1933 &ndash; [[M. J. K. Smith]], English cricketer 
-* 1933 &ndash; [[Orval Tessier]], Canadian ice hockey player 
-*[[1934]] &ndash; [[Harry Blackstone Jr.]], American stage magician (d. 1997) 
-*[[1935]] &ndash; [[John Harlin]], American mountaineer (d. 1966) 
-*[[1936]] &ndash; [[Assia Djebar]], Algerian writer and filmmaker 
-* 1936 &ndash; [[Nancy Dussault]], American actress 
-* 1936 &ndash; [[Tony Musante]], American actor 
-* 1936 &ndash; [[Dave Van Ronk]], American folk singer-songwriter (d. 2002) 
-*[[1938]] &ndash; [[Apostolos Nikolaidis (singer)|Apostolos Nikolaidis]], Greek singer (d. 1999) 
-*[[1939]] &ndash; [[José Emilio Pacheco]], Mexican poet 
-*[[1940]] &ndash; [[Mark Spoelstra]], American folk singer (d. 2007) 
-*[[1941]] &ndash; [[Peter Pollock]], South African cricket player 
-*[[1942]] &ndash; [[Robert Ballard]], American [[oceanography|oceanographer]] 
-* 1942 &ndash; [[Ron Harris (ice hockey)|Ron Harris]], Canadian ice hockey player 
-*[[1943]] &ndash; [[Saeed Akhtar Mirza]], Indian Film Director 
-* 1943 &ndash; [[Florence Ballard]], American singer ([[The Supremes]]) (d. 1976) 
-* 1943 &ndash; [[Ahmed Sofa]], Bangladeshi writer (d. 2001) 
-*[[1944]] &ndash; [[Terry Funk]], American professional wrestler 
-* 1944 &ndash; [[Raymond Moody]], American parapsychologist 
-* 1944 &ndash; [[Glenn Shorrock]], Australian singer-songwriter ([[Little River Band]]) 
-* 1944 &ndash; [[Ron Swoboda]], American baseball player 
-* 1947 &ndash; [[Barry Bremen]], American sports imposter 
-*[[1949]] &ndash; [[Uwe Kliemann]], German footballer 
-* 1949 &ndash; [[Andy Scott (guitarist)|Andy Scott]], British guitarist and singer ([[Sweet (band)|Sweet]]) 
-*[[1950]] &ndash; [[Leonard Whiting]], British actor 
-*[[1951]] &ndash; [[Stanley Clarke]], American jazz bass and double bass player ([[Return to Forever]]) 
-*[[1952]] &ndash; [[David Garrison]], American [[Broadway theatre|Broadway]] and TV actor 
-* 1952 &ndash; [[Athanassios S. Fokas]], Greek mathematician 
-*[[1953]] &ndash; [[Hal Lindes]], American-born British guitarist ([[Dire Straits]]) 
-* 1953 &ndash; [[Lin Feng-Jiao]], Taiwanese actress 
-*[[1954]] &ndash; [[Pierre Charles]], Dominican politician (d. 2004) 
-* 1954 &ndash; [[Serzh Sargsyan]], [[President of Armenia]] 
-*[[1955]] &ndash; [[David Alan Grier]], American actor and comedian 
-*[[1957]] &ndash; [[Bud Black]], Americab baseball player 
-* 1957 &ndash; [[Sterling Marlin]], American racing driver 
-* 1957 &ndash; [[Rich Vos]], stand-up comedian 
-*[[1958]] &ndash; [[Lina Nikolakopoulou]], Greek lyricist 
-* 1958 &ndash; [[Wilhelm Reisinger]], German footballer 
-* 1958 &ndash; [[Esa-Pekka Salonen]], Finnish conductor and composer 
-*[[1959]] &ndash; [[Vincent D'Onofrio]], American actor 
-* 1959 &ndash; [[Brendan Perry]], British multi-instrumentalist ([[Dead Can Dance]]) 
-* 1959 &ndash; [[Sakis Tsiolis]], Greek footballer and manager 
-*[[1960]] &ndash; [[Murray Cook]], Australian singer ([[The Wiggles]]) 
-*[[1962]] &ndash; [[Tony Fernández]], Dominican baseball player 
-* 1962 &ndash; [[Deirdre Lovejoy]], American actress ([[The Wire]]) 
-* 1962 &ndash; [[Julianne Regan]], British singer and guitarist ([[All About Eve (band)|All About Eve]]) 
-*[[1963]] &ndash; [[Yngwie Malmsteen]], Swedish guitarist 
-*[[1964]] &ndash; [[Alexandra Christina Manley]], Hong Kong-born ex-wife of [[Prince Joachim of Denmark]] 
-* 1964 &ndash; [[Mark Waters (director)|Mark Waters]], American film director 
-*[[1965]] &ndash; [[Mitch Richmond]], American basketball player 
-* 1965 &ndash; [[Steve Duchesne]], Canadian ice hockey player 
-* 1965 &ndash; [[Anna Levandi]], Russian figure skater 
-* 1965 &ndash; [[Gary Pallister]], English footballer 
-*[[1966]] &ndash; [[Mike Tyson]], American boxer 
-* 1966 &ndash; [[Marton Csokas]], New Zealand actor 
-* 1966 &ndash; [[Cheryl Bernard]], Canadian curler 
-* 1966 &ndash; [[Wendy Davis]], American actress 
-*[[1967]] &ndash; [[David Busst]], English former footballer 
-*[[1968]] &ndash; [[Phil Anselmo]], American singer ([[Pantera]]) 
-*[[1969]] &ndash; [[Sanath Jayasuriya]], Sri Lankan cricketer 
-*[[1970]] &ndash; [[Brian Bloom]], American actor 
-* 1970 &ndash; [[Antonio Chimenti]], Italian footballer 
-* 1970 &ndash; [[Mark Grudzielanek]], American baseball player 
-*[[1971]] &ndash; [[Anette Michel]], Mexican actress 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Monica Potter]], American actress 
-*[[1972]] &ndash; [[Sandra Cam]], Belgian swimmer 
-* 1972 &ndash; [[James Martin (chef)|James Martin]], English celebrity chef 
-*[[1973]] &ndash; [[Chan-ho Park]], South Korean baseball player 
-* 1973 &ndash; [[Frank Rost]], German footballer 
-* 1973 &ndash; [[Noam Zylberman]], Israeli-born Canadian actor 
-*[[1974]] &ndash; [[Tony Rock]], American actor and stand-up comedian 
-*[[1975]] &ndash; [[Ralf Schumacher]], German Formula One driver 
-* 1975 &ndash; [[Rami Shaaban]], Swedish footballer 
-* 1975 &ndash; [[James Bannatyne]], New Zealand footballer 
-*[[1977]] &ndash; [[Justo Villar]], Paraguayan footballer 
-* 1977 &ndash; [[Mark Van Gisbergen]], New Zealand/English rugby player 
-*[[1978]] &ndash; [[Ben Cousins]], Australian football player 
-* 1978 &ndash; [[Claudio Rivalta]], Italian footballer 
-*[[1979]] &ndash; [[Matisyahu]], American reggae singer 
-* 1979 &ndash; [[Sylvain Chavanel]], French cyclist 
-* 1979 &ndash; [[Rick Gonzalez]], American actor 
-* 1979 &ndash; [[Faisal Shahzad]], Pakistani/American terrorist 
-*[[1980]] &ndash; [[Rade Prica]], Swedish footballer 
-* 1980 &ndash; [[Seyi Olofinjana]], Nigerian footballer 
-*[[1981]] &ndash; [[Can Artam]], Turkish racing driver 
-* 1981 &ndash; [[Matt Kirk]], Canadian football player 
-* 1981 &ndash; [[Karolina Sadalska]], Polish kayaker 
-* 1981 &ndash; [[Ben Utecht]], American football player 
-*[[1982]] &ndash; [[Andy Knowles]], British drummer ([[Franz Ferdinand (band)|Franz Ferdinand]]) 
-* 1982 &ndash; [[Mitch Maier]], American baseball player 
-* 1982 &ndash; [[Delwyn Young]], American baseball player 
-* 1982 &ndash; [[Lizzy Caplan]], American actress 
-*[[1983]] &ndash; [[Brendon James]], British drummer ([[Thirteen Senses]]) 
-* 1983 &ndash; [[Marlin Jackson]], American football player 
-* 1983 &ndash; [[Patrick Wolf]], English singer-songwriter 
-* 1983 &ndash; [[Cheryl Cole]], British singer ([[Girls Aloud]]) 
-* 1983 &ndash; [[Marcus Burghardt]], German cyclist 
-*[[1984]] &ndash; [[Miles Austin]], American football player 
-* 1984 &ndash; [[Fantasia Barrino]], American singer 
-* 1984 &ndash; [[Gabriel Badilla]], Costa Rican footballer 
-*[[1985]] &ndash; [[Trevor Ariza]], American basketball player 
-* 1985 &ndash; [[Rafal Blechacz]], Polish pianist 
-* 1985 &ndash; [[Michael Phelps]], American swimmer 
-* 1985 &ndash; [[Fabiana Vallejos]], Argentine footballer 
-* 1985 &ndash; [[Cody Rhodes]], American wrestler 
-*[[1986]] &ndash; [[Alicia Fox]], American wrestler and model 
-* 1986 &ndash; [[Allegra Versace]], Italian heiress  
-* 1986 &ndash; [[Nicola Pozzi]], Italian footballer 
-* 1986 &ndash; [[Fredy Guarín]], Colombian footballer 
-*[[1989]] &ndash; [[Steffen Liebig]], German rugby player 
-* 1989 &ndash; [[Miguel Vítor]], Portuguese footballer 
-* 1989 &ndash; [[David Myers (Australian rules footballer)|David Myers]], Australian footballer 
-*[[1991]] &ndash; [[Kaho (actress)|Kaho]], Japanese actress 
-Do not add people without Wikipedia articles to this list 
-Do not trust "this year in history" websites for accurate date information 
-Do not link multiple occurrences of the same year, just link the first occurrence. 
-* [[350]] &ndash; [[Nepotianus]], [[Roman usurper]] 
-*[[1181]] &ndash; [[Hugh de Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester]], English politician (b. 1147) 
-*[[1224]] &ndash; [[Adolf of Osnabrück]], German monk and bishop (b. 1185) 
-*[[1364]] &ndash; [[Arnošt of Pardubice]], Polish-born [[List of bishops and archbishops of Prague|Archbishop of Prague]] (b. 1297) 
-*[[1538]] &ndash; [[Charles, Duke of Guelders]], Dutch nobleman (b. 1467) 
-*[[1579]] &ndash; [[Mehmed Pasha Sokolović]], Turkish [[Janissary]] (b. 1506) 
-*[[1607]] &ndash; [[Caesar Baronius]], Italian cardinal and historian (b. 1538) 
-*[[1660]] &ndash; [[William Oughtred]], English mathematician (b. 1575) 
-*[[1666]] &ndash; [[Alexander Brome]], English poet (b. 1620) 
-*[[1670]] &ndash; [[Henrietta Anne of England]], daughter of King [[Charles I of England]] (b. 1644) 
-*[[1704]] &ndash; [[John Quelch (pirate)|John Quelch]], English pirate (b. 1665) 
-*[[1709]] &ndash; [[Edward Lhuyd]], Welsh scientist (b. 1660) 
-*[[1785]] &ndash; [[James Oglethorpe]], English general and founder of the [[U.S. state of Georgia]] (b. 1696) 
-*[[1796]] &ndash; [[Abraham Yates]], American Congressman (b. 1724) 
-*[[1857]] &ndash; [[Alcide d'Orbigny]], French naturalist (b. 1802) 
-*[[1882]] &ndash; [[Charles J. Guiteau]], American assassin of [[President of the United States|President]] [[James A. Garfield]] (b. 1841) 
-* 1882 &ndash; [[Alberto Henschel]], German-Brazilian photographer and businessman (b. 1827) 
-*[[1890]] &ndash; [[Samuel Parkman Tuckerman]], American composer (b. 1819) 
-*[[1917]] &ndash; [[Antonio de La Gandara]], French painter (b. 1861) 
-*[[1919]] &ndash; [[John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh]], English physicist, [[Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel laureate]] (b. 1842) 
-*[[1932]] &ndash; [[Bruno Kastner]], German actor (b. 1890) 
-*[[1934]] &ndash; [[Kurt von Schleicher]], [[Chancellor of Germany (German Reich)|Chancellor of Germany]] (b. 1882) 
-* 1934 &ndash; [[Gregor Strasser]], former German Nazi politician (b. 1892) 
-* 1934 &ndash; [[Gustav Ritter von Kahr]], [[List of Ministers-President of Bavaria|Prime Minister of Bavaria]] (b. 1862) 
-* 1934 &ndash; [[Karl Ernst]], German [[Sturmabteilung]]-''[[gruppenführer]]'' (b. 1904) 
-* 1934 &ndash; [[Erich Klausener]], German politician (b. 1885) 
-*[[1941]] &ndash; [[Yefim Fomin]], [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] [[political commissar]] (b. 1909) 
-*[[1953]] &ndash; [[Charles William Miller]], Brazilian sportsman, the "father of football in Brazil" (b. 1874) 
-*[[1956]] &ndash; [[Thorleif Lund]], Norwegian actor (b. 1880)  
-*[[1959]] &ndash; [[José Vasconcelos]], Mexican writer and politician (b. 1882) 
-*[[1961]] &ndash; [[Lee DeForest]], American inventor (b. 1873) 
-*[[1966]] &ndash; [[Giuseppe Farina]], Italian Formula One driver, the winner of the first Formula One championship (b. 1906) 
-*[[1971]] &ndash; [[Herbert Biberman]], American screenwriter and film director (b. 1900) 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Viktor Patsayev]] Soviet astronaut (b. 1933) 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Georgi Dobrovolski]] Soviet astronaut (b. 1928) 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Vladislav Volkov]] Soviet astronaut (b. 1935) 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Nikola Kotkov]], Bulgarian footballer (b. 1938) 
-* 1971 &ndash; [[Georgi Asparuhov]], Bulgarian footballer (b. 1943) 
-*[[1973]] &ndash; Blessed [[Vasyl Velychkovsky]] C.Ss.R, Ukrainian-born Canadian Greek-Catholic bishop and martyr (b. 1903) 
-*[[1974]] &ndash; [[Vannevar Bush]], American engineer and politician (b. 1890) 
-*[[1976]] &ndash; [[Firpo Marberry]], American baseball player (b. 1898) 
-*[[1984]] &ndash; [[Lillian Hellman]], American playwright (b. 1905) 
-*[[1985]] &ndash; [[Haruo Remeliik]], 1st [[President of Palau]] (b. 1933) 
-*[[1993]] &ndash; [[George McFarland|George "Spanky" McFarland]], American actor (b. 1928) 
-* 1993 &ndash; [[Wong Ka Kui]], Hong Kong singer (b. 1962) 
-*[[1995]] &ndash; [[Gale Gordon]], American actor (b. 1906) 
-* 1995 &ndash; [[Georgi Beregovoi]], Soviet cosmonaut (b. 1921) 
-* 1995 &ndash; [[Phyllis Hyman]], American jazz vocalist (b. 1949) 
-*[[1996]] &ndash; [[Lakis Petropoulos]], Greek footballer and manager (b. 1932) 
-*[[1997]] &ndash; [[Larry O'Dea]], Australian professional wrestler (b. 1944) 
-*[[2001]] &ndash; [[Chet Atkins]], American country guitar player and producer (b. 1924) 
-* 2001 &ndash; [[Joe Henderson]], American jazz saxophonist (b. 1937) 
-*[[2002]] &ndash; [[Chico Xavier]], Brazilian [[Spiritism|spiritist]] medium (b. 1910) 
-*[[2003]] &ndash; [[Buddy Hackett]], American comedian (b. 1924) 
-* 2003 &ndash; [[Robert McCloskey]], American children's book writer and illustrator (b. 1915) 
-*[[2004]] &ndash; [[Jamal Abro]], Pakistani writer (b. 1924) 
-*[[2005]] &ndash; [[Clancy Eccles]], Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter (b. 1940) 
-*[[2006]] &ndash; [[Robert Gernhardt]], German satirist (b. 1937) 
-*[[2007]] &ndash; [[Sahib Singh Verma]], Indian politician and [[List of Chief Ministers of Delhi|Chief Minister of Delhi]] (b. 1943) 
-*[[2009]] &ndash; [[Pina Bausch]], German choreographer (b. 1940) 
-* 2009 &ndash; [[Robert DePugh]], American anti-[[Communism|Communist]] activist (b. 1923)  
-*[[2010]] &ndash; [[Park Yong-ha]], Korean actor and singer (b. 1977) 
-*[[2011]] &ndash; [[Barry Bremen]], American sports imposter and business man (b. 1947) 
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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

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