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-# The [[judgment day]]; [[apocalypse]].+In theology, atonement is a doctrine that describes how human beings can be reconciled to [[God]].
-#:''Do not wait for the '''Last Judgment'''. It takes place every day - [[Albert Camus]]+
-==Artistic representations==+
-:''[[Last Judgment (artistic representations)]], [[doom paintings]]''+
-In art, the Last Judgment is a common theme in medieval and renaissance religious iconography. Like most early iconographic innovations, its origins stem from [[Byzantium]]. In Western Christianity, it is often the subject depicted on the central [[Pediment|tympanum]] of medieval cathedrals and churches, or as the central section of a [[triptych]], flanked by depictions of [[heaven]] and [[hell]] to the left and right, respectively (heaven being to the viewer's left, but to the Christ figure's right). 
-The most famous Renaissance depiction is [[Michelangelo Buonarroti]]'s [[The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)|''The Last Judgment'']] in the [[Sistine Chapel]]. Included in this fresco is his self portrait, as [[Bartholomew|St. Bartholomew]]'s [[flaying|flayed]] skin. 
-A variety of creative works are listed below, chronologically: 
-* ''The Last Judgment'', a [[tympanum (architecture)|tympanum]] by [[Giselbertus]] 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Angelico)|''The Last Judgment'' (Angelico)]], a painting by Fra Angelico 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Rogier van der Weyden)|''The Last Judgment'' (Rogier van der Weyden)]], a triptych by Rogier van der Weyden 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Memling)|''The Last Judgment'' (Memling)]], a triptych attributed to Hans Memling 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Bosch triptych)|''The Last Judgment'' (Bosch triptych)]], a triptych by Hieronymus Bosch 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Bosch triptych fragment)|''The Last Judgment'' (Bosch triptych fragment)]], a triptych by Hieronymus Bosch 
-* [[The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)|''The Last Judgment'' (Michelangelo)]], a mural by Michelangelo 
==See also== ==See also==
- +* [[Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ]]
- +* [[Atonement in Judaism]]
-* [[Apocatastasis]]+* [[Blood atonement]]
-* [[Atonement in Christianity]]+* [[Divine grace]]
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-* [[Plan of Salvation]] Mormon view+* [[Substitutionary atonement]]
-* [[Pralay]]+
-* [[Ragnarök]]+
-* [[Book of Revelation|Revelation]]+
-* [[Second Coming]]+
-* [[Yama (Buddhism and Chinese mythology)]]+
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In theology, atonement is a doctrine that describes how human beings can be reconciled to God.

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