Arabic influence on the Spanish language  

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-{{Template}}+#REDIRECT [[Arabic language influence on the Spanish language]]
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-The '''Arab World''' refers to [[Varieties of Arabic|Arabic-speaking]] countries stretching from the [[Atlantic Ocean]] in the west to the [[Arabian Sea]] in the east, and from the [[Mediterranean Sea]] in the north to the [[Horn of Africa]] and the [[Indian Ocean]] in the southeast. It consists of 25 countries and territories with a combined population of 358 million people straddling [[North Africa]] and [[Western Asia]].+
-==See also==+
-* [[Muslim world]]+
-* [[Israel]]+
-* [[Afro-Arab]]+
-* [[Arab diaspora]]+
-* [[Arab League]]+
-* [[Jewish diaspora]]+
-* [[Arabic influence on the Spanish language]]+
-* [[Arabic literature]]+
-* [[English exonyms of Arabic speaking places]]+
-* [[Islamic empire (disambiguation)|Islamic empire]]+
-* [[List of countries where Arabic is an official language]]+
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