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-'''Gaius Julius Hyginus''' (ca. 64 BC – AD 17) was a [[Latin author]], though whether a native of [[Spain]] or of [[Alexandria]] it is not clear, a pupil of the famous [[Alexander Cornelius|Cornelius Alexander Polyhistor]], and a [[freedman]] of [[Caesar Augustus]], by whom he was made superintendent of the [[Palatine library]]. He is best-known as the author of ''[[Genealogiarum liber - Fabulae|Fabulae]]''+
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-Under the name of [[Latin author]] [[Gaius Julius Hyginus|Hyginus]] (ca. 64 BCE - 17 C.E.) there are extant what are probably two sets of school notes abbreviating his treatises on mythology; one is a collection of ''[[Genealogiarum liber - Fabulae|Fabulae]]'' ("stories"), the other a "Poetical Astronomy".+
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-Among Hyginus' sources are the ''[[scholia]]'' on [[Apollonius of Rhodes]]' ''[[Argonautica]]'', which were dated to about the time of [[Tiberius]] by Apollonius' editor R. Merkel, in the preface to his edition of Apollonius (Leipzig, 1854).+

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